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      Many years ago, long before iPods, iPads, smart phones, boom boxes and MP3 players, there were not too many options available for personal listening devices. In the 60’s and 70’s these were the norm as they could easily fit in a shirt pocket and one could easily carry their favorite radio s...
    Women! Men find it difficult to live with them or without them. Because of this, I believe that in order for men to maintain their sanity and manhood, there is this built-in self defense mechanism called selective hearing or audible bypass. If a MRI was done, I am sure that there is a tube th...
     Wow! it has been a great morning. This morning was one of those unusual mornings that I did not get up at my usual time and what I did finally stir out of bed it was, OMG! Normally, our roll out of the sac in the wee hours of the morning; however, it was almost 5 o’clock before I got my stin...
    Next week I will have the opportunity to attend the First Step to BOLD. I am really looking forward towards it as I will BOLDLY go where not too many home inspectors have gone before. There are some really good home inspectors across the country and Middle Tennessee, however, most of them are...
    I love my Mac. I have several of them. The oldest being a first generation 17” MacBook Pro which I still use from time to time. When Microsoft chose to abandon XP, which I thought was the last good, stable OS they had and decided to launch Vista, I made the decision to say "Hasta la vista" to...
    Generally, I write most of my posts in the morning and because my morning routine is changing, I realized that if I want to be a contributing member of the ‘Rain, I need to write something, some time of the day so here I write a long, run-on sentence. Yes, I could have broken it up so that on...
     I have much to be grateful for. Every morning that I wake up and every day that I can lay my head down on my pillow every night is a huge blessing in itself. As many miles that I put on my vehicle every week and not get squished by an 18 wheeler, SUV or broadsided by some dolt texting is a m...
    As we all learned in high school English, we are not supposed to let our participles dangle. Men, quit smirking! I know what you are thinking. I’m a guy. Lest I digress, dangling participles can be quite amusing. A good example of this is "Squished flat by Bubba's pick-up truck, ‘Ol Blue snif...
     I know, a silly name for the title of a post, but it is true. No, it was not one of the smaller meadow butterflies that usher in the beginning of Spring; I was a large yellow swallowtail. Normally, I do not see them in this area until May or June. Is it possible that this one was blown up he...
    Today is Easter Sunday; a day most revered in the Christian religion. It is a day when, God’s son, rose from the dead proving, once again, that not only are we spiritual beings, but our bodies were created to be immortal.    There is a lot of speculation surrounding the resurrection. Some nay...

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