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Today is October 30 . . . The day before Halloween   Wikipedia tells me Halloween "celebrates the end of the "lighter half" of the year and beginning of the "darker half" . . . has some elements of a festival of the dead. . . . Some believe that the border between this world and the Otherworld be...
My news feed from the Nashville Business Journal yesterday had this title: Terrazzo To Slash Prices, Auction Condos Terrazzo is a high end Luxury high-rise condominium building in the heart of Nashville and is one of several which are struggling to find buyers willing to pay their prices. Below a...
Did cave man write all the people he knew on the wall of the cave? Then stone tablets . . . Papyrus . . . Paper . . . Index cards . . . Computers with spreadsheets . . . CMS - Conatact Management Software . . . Now, Social Networking sites - Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc and now it seems to be ...
As we approach the end of the first third of the last third of 2009 officially marked by Halloween, BEWARE! Many folks begin conjuring up many reasons to take their "eye off the ball" of their business thereby putting it to sleep for a long, winter nap. This lack of activity is especially easy to...
When you make an offer on something - ANYTHING, I understand your desire to KNOW an answer ASAP. After all, you want it or you would not have gone to the trouble to make the offer. Instant gratification seems to be an often expected result these days. So we have this little "instrument" we call t...
 There's a Swine flu of sorts hitting "Motivated" Property owners these days. My suspicion is that this particular strain is as dangerous to the successful completion of a sale as H1N1 is to an immunity deficient child. When the entire market is over-priced, the ONLY way to win is with price . . ...
Our daughters (8 & 10) play soccer, and they play well. Both have lots of talent and speed and work VERY hard on the field - The right ingredients for success. This Fall we had what we thought was great misfortune - The teams they had played with for 3+ years disbanded. We have learned that chang...
Every so often, I hear someone toss out the word "factoid" Usually, it emerges when there's a group of folks talking and someone in the group throws a random statistic that seems to have no validity whatsoever and when asked for the proof, the person responds that it's "Just something I heard (re...
We've just brought in a few new associates who have Super-Star potential. I honestly believe that EVERY person has Super Star potential in whatever they do . . . as long as they understand that business is not a solo adventure. You gotta build a strong TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) to ge...
First thing I do each morning (while the coffee brews) is listen to @ 10 minute affirmation audios from Lou Tice with the Pacific Institute as a part  of the Investment in Excellence A course I recently completed. Every so often, something Lou says REALLY strikes a chord. "We build the future on ...

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