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My friend Jeannette Kohlhaas (Send your Jacksonville, FL referrals to her :-)) suggested I expand on this idea from yesterday's post: "You have to pursue BUYERS for specific LISTINGS instead of broad marketing" I hear many REALTORS talking about the ever elusive Buyers. In this new-fangled "Buyer...
All the houses in the neighborhood are the same floor plan because they were ALL built as duplexes in the 50s. The good news is that they don't all look exactly the same because the builders changed up the front elevations slightly. Through the years, many of these houses have been bought and con...
A brief Definition of Focusing on what MATTERS in your life from the Productivity coach Mastermind Your job is to work your way from the bottom line to the top :-)   This I where I choose to be _________________________________________________________     This is my Job Description     __________...
I know you've been to a conference or 2, eh? Well . . . @ 6019 Keller Williams Realty Mega-Agents, Team Leaders, Operating Partners, and MCAs just spent that past 4 days in HOT Austin at the annual Mega-Camp . . . and there was NO shortage of energy and great learning. Regardless of the "planned"...
This morning, mega-camp begins down here in Austin. For me, it begins with the PC Mastermind . . . an opportunity for coaches to learn from each other. We Coaches sure have had their fair share of challenges this year. When the market gets (and stays) weird, the value of a good coach goes WAY UP ...
In every organization of any size from a couple of people to large multi-national conglomerates, culture is the glue that holds the group together. Some folks would argue that "singleness of purpose" is the key. If we've all got the same goal, then "United we Stand", Right? Culture is our "way"- ...
You know those pesky agents out there who seem to be completely unaffected by the market shift? (If you are one of those agents, congratulations!) These folks, by all appearances, are bulletproof. They flit into the office only to drop off Listing paperwork and turn in transactions . . . and then...
  One of our vibrant young associates in our Market Center found an avenue for her pure passion to help people. She is already a "Super-Star" Administrative assistant for one of our Top Performing Real Estate Groups - The Perry Property Group . . . but that wasn't enough for Kimberly Novosel . ....
Who ya gonna call when our lawmakers run amok and start making laws and rules that wreak havoc on our livelihood? When strange and unusual regulations show up having been buried deep inside loosely related legislation resulting in weird stuff hitting us and our clients . . . thereby causing undes...
"Whatever your method, don't choose it by default. Consider all of the business advantages and drawbacks of your plan, and stick to it." The above are the words of Robert Jenson, a sales associate at RE/MAX Central in Las Vegas extracted from an article entitled Are Those Buyers Worth Your Time? ...

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Stream of consciousness commentary on the real estate industry from the perspective of a Principal Real Estate Broker and Founder of Pareto REalty, LLC in Middlle Tennessee - Also a Career Development Coach with vast Organizational Development/Transformation training and experience - in the industry since 1993