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With something like 4 1/2 minutes left to play, I declared the Tennessee Titans losers in yesterday's game against the Arizona Cardinals. Who was I to judge? If they had listened to me, they would have quit and headed to the locker room. Instead, that team pulled together and pulled off the 2nd "...
  Yep! Even Million dollar houses can become "Real Estate Owned" (REO) properties after foreclosure. I think many banks are being very short-sighted in their handling of these properties. These thoughts ran through my head when I was out showing properties in this price range this past week and I...
Yesterday morning during our daily SPRINTS warm up the tone/mood was lighthearted and happy and comfortable and there was a moment of comfortable silence . . . You know those times when a group of people feel at peace and safe enough together to be able to sit in COMPLETE silence without feeling ...
A recent frightening event with one of our associates who was showing (alone) a house reminded me of the importance of regularly reminding our associates about the importance of safety. Luckily, our incident turned out to be benign. In the business of Real Estate sales, it is very easy to get rec...
I like nice people. Nice people do nice things and are easy to work with even in an environment of diverse beliefs/opinions. Negotiations with nice people tend to find WIN-WIN ... Nice people look for solutions . . . Nice people ask lots of questions in search of commonality. Nice people develop ...
There's a viral email circulating around that has been sent to me by a few of our associates who had received it from clients . . . The "Freak-out factor" is off the charts because the bill in its original form was far from "user friendly" for real property owners. Below is a copy of that email -...
Yesterday in our SPRINTS daily warm-up session we talked about Creating Buyer Urgency. (We broadcast SPRINTS LIVE each morning 8:30-9:00 CST @ We know better than to think that we can create motivation, so our focus was on having found motivated Buyers how we can create...
The truth is that interest rates will rise before this chapter in the story of our economy ends. It is also inevitable that when they do rise, they will rise QUICKLY! Thus far, the Powers that be have effectively (artificially) been able to enable us all by keeping the rates low . . . As Gary Kel...
Have you ever been watching TV or listening to the radio when there was a "Network Glitch" that caused the sound to decrease or get garbled and difficult to understand? How 'bout when you are talking with a person who speaks a different language, and you're having difficulty understanding? Can't ...
There are only a few things in this world we can all really expect to be able to count on - Death, Taxes, & CHANGE! These are all equally inevitable and unavoidable, yet many people exert vast amounts of energy evading them. I "get" the motivation to "cheat Death" . . . That's one cause I'll join...

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