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The Houston Chronicle earlier this past week released an article talking about the Real Estate Market in this HUGE City.  It was actually a really great OVERVIEW of what is going on. However, the accuracy of Market Reports can only go so far. Home Sales dropped 16% MEDIAN Prices dropped 4% Only 4...
I heard it first on Facebook today and found this rather interesting since I had not heard about it yet.  Apparently Gov. Rick Perry of the Lone Star State is pushing for State Sovereignty in light of the Bailout money that is being forced upon the states. I still don't know a lot of the details ...
It's always fun to see how changes are made to websites in general while searching around for anything.  I remember when Flash Intros were the popular thing to do...then we realized that Flash Intros did not help AT ALL for Search Engine Optimization. Every industry with a website started taking ...
This segment of Greening the Existing Home Webinar Series is the final and 8th one - after this post I will do a Final Wrap up with more detailed information on websites that we visited and all of the segments in one place.In this video Michael Strong and I discuss a variety of topics including "...
Down here in Houston with our humidity, a high maintenance property is not only no fun - But it is also incredibly expensive over time.  If you are having to constantly change out siding, re paint your exterior or find that interior wood warps to make crooked walls and creaky floors, looking in t...
One of the questions that I get quite a bit from folks looking to buy a home is that they or their loved ones suffer from Allergies or Asthma - So it made perfect sense to have a segment in our Greening the Existing Home webinar series dedicated to Indoor Air Quality in Existing Homes.In this seg...
Today on Facebook there was an interesting conversation started by Kelsey Ruger about some audio clips to use in different things - Then Carson Coots hopped in and suggested a site called MyBeatShop - They have audio files that you can buy pretty cheap.  I joked around about the music being Hip H...
Warning - Long post ahead At a City, State and Federal level we are seeing a ton of new and proposed Legislation in regards to how we can build Residential Properties.  We are seeing stuff from Safety with Electrical, Products that can be used as well as just the Building Codes in General. Here i...
Some of my followers have probably noticed that I have been MIA on Twitter for a while.  The title of the post came from a conversation with @terilussier earlier today and it was really interesting because I've been thinking the exact same thing. The picture to the left was created by @paulchane...

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