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This is sad.  Anyone that can help..."...Bonobos do NOT kill each other. The females are in charge of the group and they seem to keep everyone's temper under control ..... It doesn't matter how old you are, or if you're male or female - ..."    This morning I got an email that stopped me in my tr...
But more importantly, it's the people that drive it. Without jobs we have no money.  Without money we have no economy.  Without both, we don't exist. The world is changing.  We are in an amazing era of awakening.  It is said that the jobs that our Middle School Age children will have when they gr...
As part of Turning Houston Green's webinar series on how to green an existing home, here is the recorded version of our 4th program.  Michael Strong and I discuss Windows and Radiant Barrier.It's not just about getting new windows or finding a radiant barrier.  Here we provide you with all of the...
Traditional Neighborhoods, Solar Power and Plug In Vehicles - Oh My! This post is part of an ongoing series that takes a look at the larger picture.  The trickle down effect.  The Domino Effect.  Whatever you want to call it.  One of my recent posts was 'Who The Heck Cares About Green' and I talk...
"How do people have the money to buy homes that need foundation repair and tons of work?"  Answer:  They don't need to have the cash to do it.  Here's the story. We have all seen those homes.  You walk in and it is in dis-repair needing paint, flooring - Maybe it's outdated and needs some new app...
Because I write about Green Real Estate, well, always...I hear this.  "I don't care." "I'm tired of hearing about it." "It will never go mainstream"  "It will go away like in the 70's and 80's" I understand what you are saying.  I really do.  Before we consider a few things to help make a point, ...
Oh Wow.  I know where I'll be going next week.  This is SOOOO neat.  Thanks Anne for sharing this!As warmer weather approaches, we start thinking about this year's summer entertaining barbeque on the deck. Last year, you might have heard that IKEA was going to start stocking solar products. Wait ...
Wow.  This is really interesting.  It's nice to know the story behind things.  Just goes to show that opinions and feedback really are heard throughout the blogosphere. Thanks Zillow Guys for keeping us posted on changes.Two years ago when launching our first round of community features, includin...
Attention all banks with Foreclosures that are Active in MLS! As a Real Estate Professional in Houston I consistently see Foreclosures that get periodic Price Reductions time and time again.  They stay on the market for forever and often times marked LOUDLY STATING THAT YOU WANT A LARGE PERCENTAG...

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