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As part of the Greening Your Existing Home Web Seminar series that I have mentioned in a previous post, we did Part 1 today and had a great time! The Series is with myself and Michael Strong with Brothers Strong and we reviewed Energy Conservation and Energy Audits - What they are and why you nee...
                                      The above map is from the Department of Energy - What you are looking at is the Climate Zones of the Country which also is the basis for Energy Codes, Building Techniques and HOW Green Homes are built.  A true Green Built home WILL have these Climate Zones ta...
I was signed up earlier this week in the Market Leader-Growth Leader program and so far it has been an interesting experience. If you have no idea what I'm talking about and would like to know more before you read, feel free to check out the Growth Leader Channel. Since Monday was the first day w...
There's one week left and LOTS of points for your efforts! Did I miss your post?  Would LOVE to see it!HEY THERE!!! Here is your amazing opportunity to Win 1500 Points!but there is only 1 Week Left  to enter THE Big (green) Thumbs-up Eco-All-Stars' JANUARY CHALLENGE...    WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Janua...
Not so long ago I did a Hypothetical Remodel Series where I went over what it would cost to purchase an Existing Home and 'Green it up' so to speak.  There were several people in AND out of the Industry who seemed interested in the whole concept so I decided to put together an event on what it's ...
With a lot of interest out there on finding those 'TLC needed' or 'Fixer Upper' homes, myself and Prime Lending decided to put together an event that would show you how to finance them.  The low interest rates available make it a great time right now to consider this kind of product. There are a ...
Would you buy a $1 bill for $10?  Probably not. This is Part 4 of The Affordability Ranking Series designed to help Home Owners who have had their listing Expire and start fresh...Or just to help anyone considering Selling their home. We are now going to talk about Pricing Your Home. When you get...
This post is Part 3 in my Affordability Ranking Series.  This series is dedicated to helping Home Sellers bring attention to their homes after it is Expired.  It's about starting fresh and maybe finding a reason why the Home expired to begin with. Now, the following examples are just that.  Examp...
In Part 1 of my series I discuss how there are quite a few expired listings out there that are gorgeous!  Unfortunately, it appears that many features of the home went UnNoticed.  Forgotten. These features are those the right now, in our Financial climate and increased awareness of what it takes ...
As I was searching through some Expired Listings in The Woodlands today I was absolutely amazed at some of the Gorgeous homes that were on the list.  Beautiful!  Updated Older Homes that glistened, Newer homes that appeared to be clean as a whistle... But what shocked me the most, was the fact t...

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