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We have heard ALL THE RAVE about how the Stimulus Bill had a ton of Energy Efficient Tax Credit stuff in it.  No cap on Solar and Geothermal - 30% up to a MAX of $1500 on Energy Efficient Improvements ...One of the best parts of that is being able to get up to $1500 back for New Windows.  You kno...
The Stimulus Bill, it's rather confusing.  I have previously posted some of the Positive Sides to the Bill and this is part 3 of my Energy Efficiency Tax Credits in the '09 Stimulus Bill. If you have been following my Webinar Series through 'Turning Houston Green' on Greening the Existing Home, y...
This past Saturday Michael Strong and I held the 3rd Seminar in the set of 8 on Greening the Existing Home.  We reviewed HVAC and Insulation - What is SEER - Kinds of Insulation - What part is DIY if you wanted?The Series is really coming along, the crowd is starting to open op and ask more quest...
Do you remember the PeeWee Herman shows? I mean, the guy was a complete moron.  He did stupid things but yet they were so stupid they were funny? There are a lot of things out there that I find to be the same way.  They are irritating and idiotic, but freakin' hilarious.  Seriously.  Well, the la...
This is a GREAT heads up from Cheri Smith with Prudential Gary Greene Realtors in Tomball.  2 for 1 at Houston Garden Center! Thanks Cheri!!I don't use coupons much but since it's almost time to start working on my gardening again I start looking for good plant deals. I received an email about a ...
Ryan has also pointed out some of the positive 'pork' in the Stimulus Bill.  Will any of this benefit you?You may think there is too much "pork" in the recently signed stimulus bill. Or perhaps too much spending or too may tax cuts. Its passage may offend your Keynesian or Monetarist economic vie...
For those that have been around the Houston area for an extended amount of time, you are familiar with North Harris Montgomery College - The local College that not only offers courses for those starting out their College Education, BUT ALSO a Huge Variety of Continuing Education Courses for both ...
Just a quick reminder that the 3rd part of our Webinar series on how to make an Existing Home Green with myself and Michael Strong of Brothers Strong is this Saturday February 21st at 11 am.  The topic this week will be HVAC and Insulation. We will go over what you need to know about changing out...
Cindy Bryant is a fantastic Home Stager in the Houston Area.  Below she discusses the Environmental efforts to clean up Clear Creek during the month of February!  Fantastic!                                     Come take part of a community event to clear up Clear Creek, every Saturday and Sunday ...
This is from Pangaea Interior Designs telling us how to use Low and Zero VOC (Healthier and Eco Friendly) Paints to improve our homes.  Hope you enjoy!                 Being in the Interior Design and Home Staging world, I know a lot about paint. I suppose that I began to take it for granted that...

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