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I was in the middle of putting together a Class Presentation this morning for Lone Star College and thought it could be fun to put together a list of Daily Energy Saving Tips for a Week or Two. With Summer time coming, get ready for those Electric Bills to skyrocket!! In your home, there are a to...
I was searching for HVAC tape earlier today and someone on Twitter asked why I needed it, what it was going to do to help my house. Thought I would do a quick video explaining how it helps and why HVAC Tape is better than Duct Tape.  And for the record, I don't recommend doing this on your own.  ...
More importantly, who buys homes?  What is the typical buyer profile statistically speaking?  In Part One of the Series I discuss the need to 'Ditch the term GREEN' - It's confusing.  People don't understand it anymore because everything is 'GREEN' Reading through the comments of my post it is ev...
The Obstacle to Building and Selling Green in Houston will be a Series - this is the first of the series. Typically speaking in the Real Estate Market right now in regards to Green I would say that the average line of thought, the average acceptance of a 'Green' or 'Greener' home not only in Hous...

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