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500,000 Ways To Say Active Rain Rocks! Milestones in the Rain! The road to 500,000 points began with a single step, a single peep into what Active Rain was all about. There are some pretty nasty real estate forums out here in blogosphere. Those nasties like to put down Active Rain members as livi...
SEO To The Top Webinars are a huge success with mortgage brokers and real estate agents getting the results they expected and more. I am having such a blast teaching these webinars and sharing what makes our phone ring and how to utilize Active Rain along with your websites and outside blogs for ...
My aunt just called me. The results of the cat scan are in. They returned from the doctor's office with the news to confirm the cancer. Here is the post to catch up to where we are at in this story in case you missed it. Both of his lungs have multiple cancer tumors. His chest has enlarged lymphn...
Would you like to show your sellers their own property listing site? This is a great way to be a step above your competition. Take the extra hour to really showcase a listing. I made one property listing site with Real Bird this about 2 weeks ago and within 2 hours that property listing site was ...
I had all my posts planned out and some even drafted for this week. I was prepared in advance because I knew I would be out of town. Our little son and I are at our Florida Homeschool Convention in Orlando. It started on Thursday and we will go home Sunday evening. It is always an extremely busy ...
I just could not keep my mouth shut any longer and you know my comments start getting so long that I should just turn them into posts! This last few days all over the blogosphere and even here on Active Rain I have been seeing these posts of this study that was done on who are the happiest people...
When your loan modification is turned down you will need to make a decision. Are you going to be able to stay in your house and make up the payments or are you going to have to sell your house and move on with your life? Right now, there are a lot of homeowners trying for the loan modification pr...
Free Webinar! Don't miss this webinar. Real Bird Flies with Active Rain Blogging. Mark your calendars now for June 6 at 11 a.m. Eastern Standard Time.     Our special guests will be Gabe Gross and Zoltan Szendro founders of Real Bird. They will be showing you how to best utilize the free features...
Habitat for Humanity and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints teamed up together for the Day of Service project and set out to build new homes for people in the Jupiter Florida community. There were thousands of church members and also community volunteers who were able to put in a gre...
How high can you climb? How far can you swing? Do you have a fear of heights? And if you climb to the top of this wooden fort what would it take for you to jump off? Kids amaze me. Most of them have not developed all of the phobias that come up when they get older.   I was thinking as I watched o...

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