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Sometimes a short sale is worth every minute you spend on it. There are times where passion runs deep. No matter how often you may tell yourself not to get emotionally involved there comes a story that pulls on your heart strings.  We had a client who had called us because she found our Active Ra...
Don't Tread On Me- Free Speech Or NOT! The government seems more concerned these days with dissent and what they are now labeling domestic terrorism than with the actual terrorists that are really out there trying to destroy America. They are supposedly concerned with what may be a growing so cal...
Results Speak Louder Than Words- SEO Webinar Students Hit The Top! I just taught the last week of my SEO TO THE TOP Webinar the other day. It was 9 weeks of intensive non stop information, homework and fantastic results from each attendee who followed the instructions and put into practice what t...
It has been a while since I posted about my son and grandchildren. The babies grow up so fast. My son is finally accepting that these babes are his niece and nephew and that he is an uncle. He had a hard time with that. He was thinking more in the lines of brother and sister because of the age, y...
Don't Play Word Games On Your Blogs and Websites! Why would you NOT use words that make a prospective seller or buyer pick up their phone and call you now? This is in response to a featured post written by Aaron Auxier about the top 10 words real estate agents should not use and not to be 'so dar...
We just had another successful short sale closing this past Friday for a short sale listing we had in Port St Lucie Florida. The sellers had already relocated with a job transfer to New Jersey. Mr Seller called us as he was reading an article we had written about short sales here on Active Rain. ...
Stunning Lake Ida Home for sale at 521 NW 13th St Delray Beach Florida 33444, this is a short sale. This home offers one of the best values in this peaceful nook of an area that is right off of Lake Ida. Right next to the historical district of Delray Beach; just minutes from the ocean and one of...
I don't post a lot of jokes or video and such. A friend forwarded this to me tonight and I just about died laughing. I was laughing so hard that Nestor came into the office to see what was so funny. I just had to pass this on to you! Warning! Make sure you do not have any drinks around your compu...
One of our favorite beaches here in South Florida is the Oceanfront Beach Park in Boynton Beach Florida. It is technically in Ocean Ridge which is a part of Boynton Beach but on the ocean section. This is a town run park so it is not going to show up when you do a search for state or county parks...
Your Active Rain Profile Link Menu Tutorial in 3 Easy To Follow Steps! This post is a continuation of  the Active Rain - Building Your Profile on Active Rain series of tutorials. Here is a list of those tutorials so far. You can click on any of these to get right to that particular tutorial. It i...

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Wellington Florida Real Estate Blog By Katerina Gasset of International Properties & Investments, Inc. is a Great Place For Real Estate Agents and Potential Buyers and Sellers to get to know more about Wellington Florida as well as other parts of Palm Beach County.


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