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Jennifer Allan of Sell With Soul is hosting the: "Pricing Your Listings RIGHT with a Persuasive CMA!" Broker Bryant and I were invited to be guest speakers on her teleconference. I will be speaking for about 15 to 20 minutes on some of the secrets we use in our CMA to get the sellers to list the...
  We would like to introduce you to one of our preferred lenders, Jeff Belonger. If you are a buyer who needs to get an FHA loan for your new home purchase, Jeff is your man. He knows his business and the most important thing is that he closes your loan. At the end of the day, you need someone wh...
Call Your Senators Today- Stop These Spending Sprees! Congratulations and thank you to the 11 Democrats and the entire Republican Congressmen and women who voted NO on the Pork Spending Bill . It is not a Stimulus Bill it is a Spendimore Bill and I am sending a thank you email to the Congressmen...
Port St Lucie Florida was hit very hard with the meltdown. In fact, Port St Lucie Florida was ranked the 3rd highest foreclosed city in the United States.   Currently there are 3,694 ACTIVE on the market listings, homes and condos for sale! This last month 327 were sold. The most expensive proper...
Get the facts about Palm Beach County Short Sales or short sales for anywhere in the state of Florida.   I have been on the phone this week with 3 homeowners and 1 real estate agent who have been so misinformed about short sales. It made me think that there must be a lot more people out there tha...
All I have to say is, Hello???? Are you on Earth??? That goes to the 2 different agents who take an assignment from outside of their market area, won't take our comps, won't listen to us and turn in their BPOs to the short sale lender who then is even on a farther planet away from Earth, like Plu...
  So Your Buyers' Check Bounces And It Is No Big Deal??? When a buyer gives the agent a check for their earnest money deposit there are rules and state laws that govern this area. If you don't know the law when it comes to deposits I think it is a good idea to read up on this. We had an offer on ...
Today was the first week's webinar session for SEO TO THE TOP Webinar. We had a great group of attendees mostly all from Active Rain. My admin did not show up for the webinar!!!! I do lots of webinars where I am a guest or a teacher but I have never done the admin stuff like the control panel in ...
Get yourself armed with the strategic maneuvers to march your way to the top of Google for your blog and website. Learn what it takes and much more.  You will be learning what SEO means for you and your real estate and mortgage businesses. Register today for SEO TO THE TOP Webinar- starts tomorro...
Short Sales- Countrywide changes their short sale procedures for the third time in the last 16 months. It seems they just do not understand how to get through the short sales they have stacked up on their desks. Now- which road do they take? Which way do they turn? As you may recall the last time...

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