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Active Rainers Of The Year! I can certainly think of Active Rainers who have done more for the Active Rain community than Time's choice of Bernanke has done for the United States! So we decided to put a positive spin on this. Here are the Rainers Of The Year Awards! Broker Bryant gets the "Best S...
Imagine your child being stripped right from your arms for no legal reason and no due process. Imagine not being able to even see your child, the baby you gave birth to, the baby you carried in your womb for 9 months; Imagine never having spanked your child, never abusing your child- and yet he g...
Florida Supreme Court Orders Foreclosure Mediation before the lender can get a final judgment. Florida is a judicial state for foreclosure. That means that the lender must take your house from you through going to court. They can not just come and take your house from you. They have to file a law...
The last three short sale listings we got this week were all from homeowners who had tried to get their loans modified and at the end of the day got rejected and turned down for their request for a loan modification. For some of these people, it was a good 6 months before they knew the answer.  W...
Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae-  Blank Checks Are The Best Gifts Secretly behind closed doors on the eve of December 24th, while you may have been out shopping for that last minute gift for your loved one, perhaps you were tucking in your children or grandchildren, maybe you were wrapping the last of...
I just read a featured post asking why loan modifications are failing. Let's see if there is more to the picture-  I also wrote a featured post about this some time ago. It is here: Is Your Short Sale or Loan Modification Being Turned Down? That post was reblogged 44 times and had 4437 views. It ...
What Is Your Social Media Plan Of Action For 2010? Do you have one? What are your plans for implementing your 2010 Social media plan?   Social media contains so many different facets, applications, landscapes, techniques and tools. One size certainly does not fit all in today's online marketing e...
Longtail Keywords Create Traffic- That Is Traffic You Want To Embrace!   And we aren't talking about horse stables either. Here is some news and here are some tips to help you get more business from your blogging. The great news about blogging with the long tail is that Google's algorithms know s...
I would be remiss if I did not end this year with one big Thank you to all of you- Active Rain staff; Bob Stewart, Brad, Jonathan, Jeremy and all the support staff at Active Rain- you have created the best real estate online community ever and you should be darn proud of your accomplishment! You ...
History of the Christmas Tree- Roots and All! I was driving down the road the other day with my little guy, our 7 year old miracle child. We noticed some people standing on the side of the road with signs around them that were saying that celebrating Christmas was evil. That Christmas trees were ...

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