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A real estate newsletter and mailed client newsletter is a great way to stay in touch with past clients and real estate leads, remain “top of mind,” and build loyalty. Here is my list of must have elements that make up a successful newsletter for your clients so you can start sending one to thos...
In my real estate business I was reminded so many times the last week or two about the powerful impact a personal hand written note has on people. My mentor Harvey Mackay says “Short handwritten notes yield long results”… Why has something that was effectively done consistently by generations be...
    The dramatic change in real estate agents and farming today has become what mentor and coach Bruce Gardner calls Hyperlocalism. I love this new and innovative way to farm in today’s real estate market. Agents need to become experts in a geographic space now more than ever with so much readily...
  You may not have noticed but the other day was the last day of the 1st quarter for 2014 which is a great time to ask the question… “Where am I at in my real estate business?” Based on the goals you set for 2014, are you 1/4 of the way there? Or are you like many who set lofty goals and somewher...