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Tips and commentary For Home Buyers & Sellers and REALTORS with primary focus on LIVE - Work - Play - Life Rhythm - Life Performance Oriented thinking for regular folks



OMG! Most people detest the friction of CHANGE! After all, “if it ain’t broke, why fix it?” Just as we’re getting used to the way things work around here, some crazy renegade rocks the boat with a great new idea to “Streamline” and work more efficiently . . . or the software update changes the lo...
Savvy REALTORS know how to answer loose questions from Potential Buyers and their agents. We all know that saying: “Loose lips sink ships”, Right? So . . . The best negotiating tactic on the planet is to ask all the right loose questions, because some agents will tell all because they LOVE to tal...
I’ll bet $1,000,000 you have a pile. Whether it be closed files waiting to be audited and stored . . . or your seemingless infinite pile (list) of “Things to do” . . . or that stack of bills that seems to self propagate . . . the pile of dirty dishes in the sink . . . that pesky (and smelly) pile...
“It’s OK not to come” Almost everything I do begins with an invitation. I could reasonably argue that pretty much anything ANYONE does begins with an invitation. After all, you’re reading this blog post because I invited you by publishing it publicly. Invitations are often misunderstood. Sure! Th...
This weekend was the 35th Anniversary for the class of ’81. Montgomery Bell Academy is my alma mater, and this is the first of the 7 reunions I have attended – Yes, that’s right . . . I and most of my classmates chose not to attend most of the other 5 year celebrations even though many of us live...
I sent this text to my friend Buck: I need someone to help me move some furniture next weekend. Will you be in town? His reply was: “theoretically looks good” To which I replied: “Most everything in my world is theoretical these days so that’s good enough for me :-)” After all, the Zombie Apocaly...
Some folks say they hire YOU regardless of your company affiliation. I say this is (Mostly) true. The Brand IS important! In fact, carrying the banner of a well respected brand WILL improve your ability to find new prospects and convert them into loyal clients because there’s an element of trust ...
Everything below “works” for ANYONE in ANY profession. I’ve been asked to be the guest speaker at this month’s meeting of The Nashville Area REALTOR YPN at the Greater Nashville Association of REALTORS  next week. When they asked me what I would talk about, I answered with a question: “What do th...
The TAR Purchase and Sale Agreement is 10 pages LOOOONG! THAT’s a LOT of words and terms and blanks and dashes and time deadlines and STUFF. Some folks believe 10 pages is too many pages and that we should trim it down to 2 or 3 pages like the good old days when a handshake really meant something...
We REALTORS hear LOTS of folks utter: “I’m going to make an offer!” Followed by . . . CRICKETS! NOTHING! NADA! Not even a peep! I think this is a viral ailment that mysteriously takes control of the person’s brain just long enough for her to utter those words and then shifts to an onslaught of se...

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Stream of consciousness commentary on the real estate industry from the perspective of a Principal Real Estate Broker and Founder of Pareto REalty, LLC in Middlle Tennessee - Also a Career Development Coach with vast Organizational Development/Transformation training and experience - in the industry since 1993