Parnassus (San Francisco, CA)
By David Ames, San Francisco
(Zephyr Real Estate, San Francisco)
With all the miserable weather out there...well, I just thought it would be nice to share some warm wishes and hope for all my AR buddies buried in the snow.  Rest assured, I'm sure the smuggness our weather forecasters have been carrying the past couple of weeks will wear off the minute it becomes our turn for a freak storm to blow in!  Afterall, March IS just around the corner.  Every February, we have a mini "spring" find it's way along the west coast and I, for one, love to walk around my neighborhood during this time to capture the plum tree blossoms and take in the sunshine.  These photos were taken this afternoon up on Edgewood Avenue in San Francisco just a few blocks from my home and one of my favorite (brick paved) streets in the City.  Enjoy...
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