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Casual thoughts on the professional organizing and moving industries.
  Moving Yourself?  Some Tips to Minimize Furniture Damage Moving is so stressful, especially when you decide to do it yourself!.. Many folks think they save a lot of money by corralling their friends and family to help them move. And, sometimes they do!  Some other folks turn to Craig’s List or ...
  Residential Construction in an Urban Environment In most major Cities, land is lacking for new construction.. as a result, high rise buildings are needed to fulfill residential requirements.  While multi-family buildings are not new, in San Francisco, CA, large multi-family dwellings are the on...
$20 drawer pulls for only $2 Each!!   Very clever... a step by step video showing how $20+ dollars can make about 30 "designer" drawer pulls that would normally set someone back by about $480 plus tax and delivery charges! As a moving organizer and someone who is always looking for ways to get a ...
  A Great Gift! Most of us who work in the service industry thrive on repeat business and referrals from past clients…. Receiving an email like the one below is one of the greatest compliments and gifts I could receive this Holiday Season! (emphasis in the email added by me) Date: Tue, Dec 18, 20...
Tammy's thoughts echo my feelings - it is a very sad day when anyone loses their life, but the loss of so many innocent children and adults at one time is heartbreaking. I am joining in with Tammy to pray for the victims' loved ones.I have spent the better part of today as likely you have as well...
  Moving… File Boxes Moving office files whether it is cross country, or just across town  can present many different challenges.  But the biggest factor in either move – is the weight of the boxes! The ideal height for a row of stacked file boxes … for a cross-town move is five (5) high IF the b...
  Then and Now! I’d like to believe I don’t look soo different from when I started my business back in 2000…. as she said with a grin on her face! But the years do go by and make a difference! … Actually, it was Bryan’s post on November 26th that prompted me to think about getting a new professio...
  Moving?  Always Have an OPEN ME first box! Moving is so stressful…  one tip to help make moving day a little bit easier is to have an OPEN ME first box… and be sure to put colored tape or stickers on the box so it stands out from the crowd of all the other boxes that look the same! The contents...
  The Tree That Is No More…. The SF Bay Area has experienced severe rain storms over the last several weeks. Consequently, the ground is saturated and many trees are being blown down from the heavy winds. Bringing in packing materials, loading and unloading moving trucks... these, too, are affect...
  Moving in the Rain? Moving when there is inclement weather brings about a number of challenges to be mindful of so that people don’t get hurt. You also don't want your furniture damaged. When it’s raining … sidewalks, stairs and concrete become very slippery. It’s important that your movers wea...

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Casual thoughts on the professional organizing and moving industries.