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Musings and rants and San Francisco real estate stats. Some listings, short sale and REO info.
You may have heard of "A Man without a Country"? This is a different take on that classic tale. A little background... I work for Keller Williams Realty. I have been in real estate off and on for over 30 years. I grew up in a family business, got in and out of real estate--and four years ago, whe...
This is an email that I sent to the short sale negotiator with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. It may not do any good but at least I feel a teensy bit better. Carol is my partner on several short sale listings. Without her, I would go insane!!! Dear _______, I am sure that Carol informed you but I wan...
For the first time in my life (30 years off and on in real estate), I have had a listing for more than a year. Granted, most of this time, it was in escrow, 3 negotiators for the first and 3 negotiators for the second and delay after excuse after delay ad nausea.   After 8 months, the most patien...
One of the great reasons I love working for Keller Williams San Francisco Properties is that we are involved in our community.   Last Thursday, close to 20 of us went down to GLIDE Memorial United Methodist Church and helped serve over 500 meals to the homeless and the hungry. It was extremely gr...
I was about to rant about which lender was my least favorite but until I get every single short sale that I have in escrow approved, that may not be too wise. Instead I will focus on something positive:  my FIRST listing in quite some time that is NOT a short sale. YES-some do exist. This is a gr...
I had heard from a title company rep that short sales were being out-sourced. This didn't make any sense to me so I wrote it off as mere speculation or a rumor-until TODAY!!!One of my short sales is a Greenpoint--now Countrywide--loan. I called to make sure that they had the letter of authorizati...
As much as I HATE short sales (I'll rant another time about my "run-in" with Chase yesterday), they are here to stay in many neighborhoods in San Francisco.   These are statistics from March of this year. The first two columns are single-family homes and the last one is condos. What is interestin...
Wow-two ratified contracts last week! Six of my nine listings are in escrow in one form or another and I am expecting more offers on 2-3 of these plus on another active listing.   Who said that the market is slow????Granted these are short sales and take more time but I would rather be busy doing...
Ouch-the backlash! I am befuddled by some of your comments (to my last blog post). Yes, it is good to get comments but part of being an independent contractor is just that--being able to make choices and some difficult decisions.   I have tracked a number of homes that have gone down, down, down ...
Wow, it wasn't easy but I canceled my listing of the little house that didn't sell in East Oakland.   Cute house--needed work, but great potential.   It is a sad state of affairs when price becomes irrelevant and some places won't sell no matter how low they are priced. Lowering the price of one ...

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Musings and rants and San Francisco real estate stats.