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Good morning! I was reading that the Mortgage Bankers Association weighed in with their predictions for 2011 loan volume. There is good news and bad news in their assessment. First of all, the MBA thinks that total loan volume will amount to about $1 trillion next year. This would be off from an ...
Hi all: Good morning! I was thinking about our business this morning and the fact that a deal isn't done until it funds. That's never more true than today. With loans taking longer to do these days due to increased guidelines and backed up underwriting, it's always music to our ears when a loan f...
Hi all: I was thinking it wasn't too long ago that everyone in the real estate business made money; In some cases, it was an almost obscene amount. Remember the good old days? Countrywide, WA. Mu., etc? Last week I visited Cedarbrook Lodge which was constructed by Washington Mutual in 2006. What ...
Hi all: I hope you're having a great day. I was thinking today as the news from the stock market, etc. has generally been good recently. Which brings up the question: Are we teetering or are we over the hump? I love positive news and lord knows we look forward to it, especially in this industry. ...
As one of my esteemed Active Rain colleagues, Ralph Gorgoglione, blogged about today, the concept of paying it forward is huge right now. Personally, I love to do this. Today, I'm going to have coffee with one of my favorite friends who unfortunately has been diagnosed with mild Parkinson's disea...
Hi all: I read an AP article this morning about how the banks halting all or most of their foreclosures will dampen any economic recovery that either has already started (according to our government) or may start at some point next year. My question is this. Will halting all or most of the forecl...
Hello all: I hope you're enjoying your Thursday! Recently my company has been literally inundated with PMI (private mortgage insurance) companies wanting to tell us about their great new programs. Is PMI making a comeback? It could be argued that due to FHA raising their monthly premium from .55%...
Good morning! I was thinking about how we work in this business. Are you an early bird or a night owl? Myself? I'm an early bird. I like it when it's quiet and the sun is just coming up. I don't normally get up at 4:15 but I couldn't sleep so I got up and went to work. Granted, I went to bed last...

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