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Hello everyone! I hope you day is fruitful. I was just thinking (always a scary thought!) about the fact that it's taking us loan officers of the world longer to get loans done. It's due to a combination of factors. Yes, refinance volume is high and I expect it to stay that way for the first half...
Good morning: I read a very interesting article this morning that talked about how the difference between the 10 year treasury note yield and mortgage rates is currently at 2.5%. In a normal market, the difference would be 1.75%. With mortgage rates currently right around 5%, is it possible they ...
Good morning all: I hope you're enjoying your weekend! For so long, people seemed to be crowing up here in the Northwest that we had dodged a bullet. That we were more immune to the national downturn going on. I always wondered. After all, we're usually the last to get hit. With the advent of the...
Hello all: Part of my continuing education the end of last year was to take a class on loan modifications. This is becoming a big business these days. The one thing I always felt was that the consumer needed to be careful about who they signed up with to do a loan modification. In fact, most of t...
Hello all: I started to write this blog this morning and our power went out! Perhaps it was better to submit it now. I'm two weeks into the New Year with a brand new company and it's working out perfectly. It was a huge decision to switch (I'm not sure anyone does well with change) and I was worr...
Good morning: I find myself in my bathrobe this morning thinking about the fact that I'm starting with my brand new company this Monday. And I have to admit I'm pretty excited! If a person is going to make a change, I think it's a great idea to do it at the first of the year. It's a new beginning...
Good morning! And Happy New Year! I would be the first person to admit that 2008 was wacky. A person always starts out optimistic and, although I stayed positive the whole year, I felt like I was in survival mode at the end. I believe this year will be better for all of us in real estate. I have ...

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