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Hi all: My writer's cramp has ended. I heard recently that the end of the recession happened 18 months ago. My first thoughts were what a crock, especially to all of us in the real estate world! If the end of a recession is defined as growth once again, maybe the powers-that-be could make a case....
Hi all: It's been a bit since I posted. Sorry about that. I was just thinking does snail mail still work? I'm betting that it does. I currently am having two pieces created that will be mailed to a select database. One is to my own database. It is a postcard about credit scoring. I typically send...
Good afternoon! We're back to the rain weather-wise. I understand it may hang around for a few days. I was thinking this morning about the art of networking. My question to you is this. How do you network? Do you network at all? Do you think networking is worth it? Here are my thoughts. I've spen...
Hi all: I had the pleasure of meeting and hearing from Charlie Conner of Conner Homes this morning. Conner Homes has been building homes in the Seattle area for over 60 years. Like any other homebuilder not sold publicly on the New York Stock Exchange, Conner Homes has been challenged like never ...
Hi all: Yesterday my wife and I passed through Maryhill, Washington on our way home. Home to the famous Maryhill Museum, we were blown away by the art that had been collected there. Maryhill Museum was first built as a private residence by Samuel Hill, who was an attorney for the great Northern R...
Good morning! My wife and I just returned from Bend, Oregon yesterday. We had a fabulous time staying with friends at Eagle Crest Resort in Redmond, Oregon nearby. Here's what I like about the Central Oregon cities of Bend and Redmond. One, the weather is almost always sunny. With well over 300 d...
Good morning! I hope you're well. I was having lunch with one of my very best referral partners yesterday and we were touching on reality. He showed me a graph that talked about equities and how much they had increased and decreased within the past 1 1/2 years. We also talked about the likelihood...

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