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Mission Statement: Lane Realty tries to be an ambassador to our community and serve others To make clients see us as family before the transaction is done Vision Statement: To embrace change, technology and grow. As a broker I make sure I am available to help my agents Value Statement: Putting pe...
I love Lake Sinclair and I think it shows.  It's a great place to live and for the city dwellers in Atlanta it's a great place to unwind on the weekends and holidays. Start here.  If you had a bad day and came home to that don't you think it would help?  If your week was dreadful and filled with ...
Let me start by saying I am not foolish enough to believe that an alligator can't get in Lake Sinclair.  I KNOW for a fact one did this year.  However, what no one knows is how that alligator that was trapped and removed got here.Constantly people are saying "I've seen one", "I saw one", "there a...
I just read a post about posts and routines on AR by Thomas J. Nelson, Realtor , you should read it if you haven't. Achieving 1,000,000 or More Active Rain Points  He talks about the points looking like a "show of dedication" and I guess they are a little.  What the points mean and have meant to ...
Are you confused?  Well let me show you a couple of examples to explain.  I found this through trial and error and perhaps it's a glitch that will someday be fixed, but for now there is a work around that's pretty simple.  To show you what I'm talking about I'm going to tag Bob Stewart and I'm ty...
Earlier this week I went into a local pet store.  And shame on me, I made a mistake.  There is a store a couple of towns over that shares the same color scheme and I mistakenly thought it was part of the same chain.  I'd bought a product in the out of town store that I was looking for locally.If ...
This post is a "rerun", but in light of something I read and being reminded of this lesson I decided it was a good post for today. I'll start by saying that I don't expect people to always agree with me.  I'm not silly enough to think my way is the best way for everyone, even when I know it's the...
Have you ever had Shrimp and Grits?  It's one of my favorite dishes and I tend to let that be my go to try it dish when it's on the menu anywhere.  I've had Shrimp and Grits all over this country. One of my favorites is trying to get voted into a competition.  Would you help me help them by votin...
Recently someone asked me what kind of fish are in Lake Sinclair? I had to do a little research and I suppose that some could have been put in by consumers that are not reported on the DNR website, but for the fish that good eating below are the breeds found in Lake Sinclair and the legal limits ...
Dare I go there?  My answer would be no to that question. First of all, put yourself into the shoes of consumer. If you were looking for an agent and you happened to say find a listing that was posted and you dug a little deeper into that blog and found listing after listing after listing. You fo...

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