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Honestly I just sat here and cried a little as I read the huge number of people who mindlessly said "have a happy birthday" on a former member of ActiveRain's Facebook page. Now don't get my wrong.  My cousin Ryan died in August of 2013 and I have wished him happy birthday on his Facebook page. O...
Do you ever have a plan to take a day off and it seems a mountain of things are getting in the way.  One of the things on the list was an oil change and tire rotation. I checked my where is my Donald phone app and he was back in town from his work run this morning and so I called him to have lunc...
Details to come soon, but if you are looking for a special place on the lake that you can enjoy for full time living or weekends and vacations you'll want to wait to see this one before you make that offer. The seller has a few things to get in order first, but in just a few weeks it will be read...
This was my group in Sunday School this morning.  I brought enough flowers for them to participate the church wide lving cross this morning.  We had a full sancuary this morning too.  Hope all those folks will be back next Sunday for services too.  Happy Easter to everyone. May you have a very bl...
I'm not going to copy and paste my post, but I do want you to go and read a post a wrote about Christopher. Christopher has been gone from this earth for 20 years. I think of  him all the time.  Last year his little sister got married and if you read my posts you might remember photos from her we...
Yesterday morning driving to church there was a man dressed like all the photos of Jesus I've ever seen depicted and was walking down the side of the highway carrying a huge wooden cross. Here's the news story and a couple of photos of him. I was really touched and my mind just kept going back to...
A transaction that occurred in March led to some revelations for looking at the data for February. I'll explain, but first let's get to the data.Looking at price first, because this is where I had my... oh let me look at THAT moment this month because the price, as you can see the price hasn't be...
In the Q&A today there was a question about the short URL and it's populating properly when using that as the link on Facebook.  I did a short video some time last year about it. The answers included some that never use the short URL, and some that didn't know what it is. So I thought for today's...
Today on my 51st Birthday another special event happened. Today my daughter purchased her first house. I honestly can't remember how long ago she even began the house search. I think it was last fall. There was a contract, an inspection, and then the termination. When you're the broker with two d...
I am totally looking forward to telling you about my day. I will, but it will be at the end of all the wonderfulness that will happen today. Meanwhile I thought I'd share the angels that watch over me every day.  They live on top of my desk in my office.

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