Lake Sinclair: we love it, we know it, & we sell it

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Lots of people saw potential and there were so many showings.  I actually was totally surprised that this property, although needing a little work, lasted for 22 days. Over 2000 sq. ft. and built in 1980, shared pond with private dock and an in-ground pool and barn all on 5.95 acres.  And the lis...
This is our oldest fur child.  In April she will be 14.  Her name is Gabby, but she's typically called Gabs.  She used to be called fatty, but when Glen moved in with us years ago she became a more active cat and fatty was no longer an appropriate nickname for her. She's a very sweet and friendly...
I am very often inspired in the Q&A section to write about ActiveRain and blogging questions that get asked there.  Tonight it was not really the question that inspired me so much as the answers. It's a public question so I'm just going to link to it and let you go and read it for yourself.What w...
As soon as it's warm I let my dog go in the lake when we go out on her walk. Glen doesn't like to swim but he'll walk around a bit, but my LAB Laney, she loves the water.  She'd go in if it was 30 degrees outside if I let her.  Labs love Lake Sinclair. Does your fur kid get to come to the lake? T...
I was with buyers on a showing recently and the sellers decided to "show" the home.  And while it was thoughtful for Mr. Seller to say he could and would do this or that modification. Well thanks if we want an extra outlet we'll most likely hire an electrician to do that, but thanks.But I honestl...
Honestly I can't remember the exact year that in Georgia when agency changed.  One day everyone was an agent or a sub-agent of the seller and buyers just had to figure it out on their own with no help from an agent. The next day we were representing buyers.  Frankly I loved it.  I love working wi...
I love my cats and I have three of them.  They have the run of the house all the time.  I don't let them get on the table or the counter-top when I'm home, but of course I find the occasional item knocked off the window sill over my sink, so I know they MUST go there when I am sleeping or at the ...
Lake Sinclair was created in 1953 when Georgia Power Company completed the Sinclair Dam. The dam, begun in 1929, is located at Furman’s Shoals on the fall line in the Oconee River. The Great Depression of the 1930s and the Second World War interrupted work on the dam. Increased demand for electri...
It's been a very emotional week.  It was my nephew's birthday.  Hunter, that I lost three years ago.  He would have been 21 yesterday. Sad that he's not here.  And on his birthday, his big sister had a son. Her first. He's a beautiful baby boy. My heart is joyful and my heart aches.I'm working wi...
I saw a question that someone asked about blog topics that work for them.  I'd like to share some ideas with  you that might help you write some posts that not just get ActiveRain comments, but help make your phone ring as well.  We're encouraged to write about local events, but what happens when...

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