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Real Estate Broker/Owner - Lane Realty Eatonton, GA Lake Sinclair, Milledgeville, 706-485-9668 - GREC# 169695
Nobody knows the lake like Lane, and no office offers better customer service!



Have you ever taken a two year old to the movie?  How about a two year old, 3 four year olds and 1 ten year old?  Well Donald and I did today. There are no photos from the movie theater, but I can tell you that if you have children you should take them to see the Jungle Book.  It was one of my fa...
In Looking at the featured listings the other day I realized that I needed to do a little updating on my profile.  I want it to be easily seen WHERE I'm a broker.  I know if you heard "Lake Sinclair" you would know it was me.  But do you really know where Lake Sinclair is?  Does my tag line tell ...
I'm starting a little out of my typical order this month.  Showing a pattern. The DOM is where I'm starting and it's way down. Still making it a buyers market, but still way down.We had the lowest days on the market in the past 6 years.  WHY?  Well because we had an influx of cheap listings.  A c...
Has it happened to you yet?  Did someone on yelp, zillow or Facebook write a review saying you suck? I am fortunate that while I can't say I have all "5 star" reviews I don't have a random stranger saying really dreadful things about me personally or my service.It has happened to a number of my f...
Of course you don't want buyers or sellers going away when they find you on line, but recently when a friend asked me to look at something before he made it live on his site and I discovered he didn't "unclick" the button it made me take notice of how many others do not as well.What am I talking ...
I don't know exactly the year this was taken, but I'm happy to say that I know and loved all these people in the this photo that was taken in the 1940s.The little girl is my mom.The man is her father, my Papa. And the older lady is my Great Grandmother that I called GrandmaMy daughter was named a...
I wish you could hear my Glen right now.  He's sleeping and he must be dreaming he's chasing a bunny or a deer because his legs are going and he's growling low in the throat.  I'm trying not to laugh and wake him up. My daughter is having a house warming party this weekend and I'm helping with th...
Today I attended a service to celebrate the all too short life of my little brother's childhood best friend. He, along with is family, moved next door to us in 1976. You couldn't see my little brother Howard without seeing William. They were born the same year and became the best of friends.In la...
I generally get about one legitmate "message" at Activeain a week. Now don't get me wrong, it took years for consumers to begin to constrantly contact me through ActiveRain. And in the mix with the legitimate consumer contacts comes the spammers.  We all get them right? And their methods change. ...
I have a Georgia Broker's license from the real estate commission.  That gives me the legal right to sell and list property anywhere in the state, but that doesn't mean I do or that I should. If I were to go into the Atlanta, Macon, Savannah markets to show property I couldn't properly represent ...

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