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There are alot of statistics, reports and graphs dealing with the current real estate market in Los Angeles.  However, sometimes studying one individual case can present a clearer picture than all the combined data. The home in this case study is an average 2 bedroom, 1 bath structure in the hear...
Not another Meme.  Sigh.  I'm only doing this because Maureen Henry tagged me.  But here goes. 1.  Who is your favorite musical artist? That one's easy.  Paul Simon.   Here's one of my favorites from the early Simon & Garfunkle days in the 1960s.  Sorry, no visual, only an audio tract.   2.  Who ...
Anyone here in the Palmdale, CA area? I have a seller referral (short sale, unfortunately)  Thanks!
3rd Annual "Lummis Day: The Festival Of Northeast Los Angeles" Scheduled For Sunday, June 1, 2008, 11am-7pm Los Angeles- The 3rd annual Lummis Day: The Festival of Northeast Los Angeles event, a free, public celebration of the diverse culture and history of the L.A.'s Arroyo neighborhoods, will t...
Tax Rebate Checks ... To stimulate the economy... Yeah, right. So here's my informal survey... How many people reading this own rental property? How many of your tenants are really struggling to keep their rent payments current? How many of your tenants have said to you something like "Please, ju...
Back in the day, a couple years ago, I suppose you coulda called me a "purist".  The thought of duplicate content (or gawd-forbid, messy code) could send me into shock. But, OK.  Fast forward to mid-2008.  Everyone belongs to several social networks.  It ain't easy to create unique content for ea...
Well, new to me at any rate.  We advertise properties weekly on Craigslist and other onliine classified sites.  Someone evidently picked out a few of our for-sale properties out from ads we posted in kijiji and reposted their own version of the ads in Craigslist as for-rent -- with a low rent amo...
Ardell's post and some of the comments here got me thinking..... Here's my theory .....  A tightening in UNSECURED credit is a factor in dragging down the housing market.... Let's be real ... for most people a monthly mortgage payment of $3,000 or $4,000 is just simply a lot of money.  Even for f...
I used to enjoy Twitter conversations immensely.  I backed off earlier this year as it seemed more and more people were just "broadcasting" instead of "conversing".  Kind of like being in a room with 85 radios all turned on, each to a different station.  :-0 However, with all the talk about Twitt...
Can anyone help me with this?  Several months ago -- heck it could be over a year ago --- I had the URL of a real estate agent in Texas (I think Texas) that wrote particularly long almost story-narrative-style descriptions for his listings. In the process of updating computers, etc. etc.,   I hav...

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