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Every March, I say this at least once, and I think most people just politely ignore me.   However, I think I shall say it again, just in case.....The annual college basketball tournament has a couple catchy phrases:  "Sweet Sixteen" and "Final Four".  The phrase usually used for this week in betw...
The newest version of Wordpress.org is scheduled for release the end of this month, (March, 2008).  This version is designated 2.5,  (2.4 having fallen through the cracks somewhere).I spent some time searching around trying to find some info about the upcoming release.The optiniche blog has quite...
Regular readers of Bloodhound Blog will know that every now and then Greg Swann talks about creating custom signs for each of his listings.A unique sign is made for each individual listing.  The sign is printed with  full color images of the particular property, and with ad copy describing the pa...
Anyone remember the outcry from the real estate industry about Jim Cramer's comments on the housing market back in September?Here's a link to Ricardo Bueno's Active Rain blog with the video, to refresh your memory.http://activerain.com/blogsview/219755/Jim-Cramer-says-Don Well, if you found that ...
Jeff Brown's post on BloodHound  about whether or now there is a paradign shift from "old-school" real estate sales techniques to "new-way" real estate sales techniques, got me thinking about a slightly different shift that I am seeing:Back in the 70s, 80s, 90s, most agents owned their own home, ...
Anyone else download and install Firefox 3 Beta 4 yet?I just did this morning, and so far, it's performing like a champ.  (As long as you don't count access to the Glendale-Foothills I-Tech MLS which is IE only  :-(  ) Now to play around with some of my add-ons.    Here are the release notes:http...
Sometimes you just simply need to resize a whole bunch of photos.  You don't need or want to edit them individually at this particular point .... you just need to reduce the size as quickly as possible so you can get the photos uploaded for some project or another. Enter Irfanview.  To me, using ...
A few days ago I started  a tutorial series on using FTP, specifically using FTP to upload and install a WordPress plugin.  Please note these steps apply for a WordPress.ORG blog, you don't have FTP access if you are using WordPress.COM  (Here's the official WordPress explanation of the differenc...

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