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On Thursday, July 31 (doors open at 4pm), The Susie Hansen Latin Band  will play an outdoor concert at the Heritage Square Museum in northeast Los Angeles. The Susie Hansen Latin Band plays from 6:30pm to 8pm. The opening act, Groove Session, plays 4:30pm to 6pm.     ...
Mission Accomplished!   The George Wolfe Expedition successfully navigated the Los Angeles River from its beginning to its end. Here are the official LAist Photos of the Los Angeles River Expedition In depth coverage from LAist  
Maureen McCabe talks about it here and here. Teri Lussier, creator of the acronym GPTFS (Great Post Thanks For Sharing)  has discussed it here and here. Do an Active Rain Search on "GPTFS" .... or on "Comment Points" ... and you'll find other discussions and opinions, too. What's the issue?  Sinc...
My name is Cheryl Johnson My rank in the Great State of California is 8 (as of today at any rate) And my member number is 87  Current rank in the AR system is 87 (again, as of today at any rate) I had no idea what my member rank or number was until today.  (Now that I know, maybe I should buy a l...
  On July 25, 2008, a group of hardy adventurers will embark on an extraordinary expedition of the Los Angeles River by kayak and canoe, to demonstrate to developers and the Army Corps of Engineers that the LA RIVER is indeed a navigable waterway that should be protected and owned by the people ...
Here's how to set a "fluid" width column in the TypePad blogging platform as mentioned here Sign in to your TypePad Pro account. Click the Weblogs tab.   From the list of your blogs (you can have multiple blogs with a TypePad Pro account), select the blog you want to work on, and click Design.   ...
As I was searching researching the history of my little commmunity of Northeast Los Angeles, I came across this gem in the Southern California Quarterly.   It was written in 1889, two years after the Great Southern California Real Estate Boom of 1887.  Here's the conclusion of the article: When t...
For anyone who wondered just what was being filmed last week on the corner of Avenue 56 and North Figueroa It was a new TV series for TNT .... More here http://www.turnerinfo.com/newsitem.aspx?P=TNT&CID01=6ae1a382-b047-458b-8f12-8c3278b9e85b http://www.variety.com/article/VR1117980871.html?catego...
This is just a test of how a real estate show video fits in the localism content column... will it be too wide???  Will it fit just right??? Enquiring minds want to know... Here goes..... OK. Question answered: It fits just fine UPDATE Dan Cummings discovered a White Box Buglet when using FireFox...
In 1903 an influential group of women formed the Highland Park Ebell Club, and when the elite women's organization opened a clubhouse ten years later, more than 20,000 people attended the colorful ceremonies. One of the first causes championed by the local women was the preservation of the land a...

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