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This is in a class by itself.  George Harrison and Paul Simon in a duet.  Well, poo ... since You Tube just disabled the Harrison - Simon version, let's go with the classic Artie Garfunkel and Paul Simon version....
Jonathan's post here started a very interesting and lively discussion.But I still don't have answer to my question.Bob and I opened our own shop 9 years ago.  We've done well.  But, of course, I wouldn't mind adding a few top notch agents.If I were recruiting *you* as an agent *today*, for my sma...
I have a request to create a tutorial on using FTP, specifically using FTP to upload and install a WordPress plugin.  Please note these steps apply for a WordPress.ORG blog, you don't have FTP access if you are using WordPress.COM  (Here's the official WordPress explanation of the difference.)If ...
Hey ... I remember this dance!  Maybe if I twisted with Chubby every day, I'd be a little less "chubby" myself .... ya think? Or I could always twist with John, Paul, George and Ringo; (This one takes a moment to load. Be patient).
 We're pleased to announce that the Photography Group has added two new moderators.             John Hokkanen          and              Lee Jinks The group has grown tremendously since I first clicked that "Create Group" button back in November of 2006, with the simple idea of collecting a few of...
Thank you, Bob Carney!  In case anyone was reading the exchange between Mr. Carney and me here and wasn't quite sure what we were talking about .... let me try to go through it step by step here.You have a WordPress blog with the domain name www.mysite.com ... When people go to that URL the first...
A few days ago I got a large letter in the mail from John and Margaret Hokkanen.  They sent out samples of some of their marketing brochures asking for feedback on the photography.  A photo editing technique called High Dynamic Range was used on two of the brochures, the other two brochures featu...
I love it when I come across some great THEN AND NOW videos.Here's Jerry Lee Lewis covering Whole Lotta Shakin Going On back in 1957.  Super high energy.  And here's ol' Jerry Lee in 2004.   A little less energy ... but a super-star back-up crew!  And nobody can do keyboard like Jerry Lee!   
I mentioned this is a comment on Jeff Kessler's blog yesterday.   And I thought, hmmm, this topic could stimulate some interesting disscussion.If Mr. Bush or his advisors had asked me, I would have said that instead of this crazy idea of sending everyone in the country a check for a few hundred d...
Here's a question for Wordpress gurus.Someone wants to setup a WordPress blog to function more like a website, so they set a static page as the main page, like this:They click the Options tab, then the Reading tab .... Then under Reading Options -> Front Page -> Front page displays, they select a...

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