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I'm "Doctor Dirt" Land Sales Specialist! I don't sell houses! I sell Land all over Arizona.

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Do you think it's important to have a specialist?  Would you call a sign painter to repair your broken transmission?  Maybe a plumber to do your knee replacement surgery?  Of course not!  Why on earth would you call a residential real estate agent to sell or buy land then?  Honest question?  Of course they are licensed by the State to assist you but will they know about environmental issues, riparian rights, ingress/egress issues, archaeological concerns, easements, understanding surveys, legal descriptions (metes and bounds, sectional, etc.,) schedule "B" exceptions, adverse possession claims, utility extensions, municipal and State codes and laws that only apply to land, access options, and a myriad of other important issues facing any land buyer or seller?  If not, you may be setting yourself up for disaster.  I have seen it far too many times in my career and every one is a heart breaker.  It's far too important to not be informed and protected so, if you are thinking about buying or selling land in Arizona, do the right thing and "Call the Doctor!"

Bobby Miller "Dr. Dirt"

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