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If you are ever tempted to skirt an issue that would, could or should be disclosed, go back to the song you learned as a child and sing it a time or two.  By the time the client, that was harmed by your lack of disclosure is finished with you, you will have preferred to swallow a horse - of cours...
Economic pressures, legislative changes, market conditions, financing woes, legal matters, etc can pile up into a downright depressing attitude for us if we are not on our guard at all times. I always smile, joke and laugh and believed myself to be the ultimate optimist and positive person until ...
While our licenses allow us to practice an extremely wide variety of services in behalf of others, it doesn't mean we have become expert in each of these areas of real estate. For instance, you might be a Short-Sale, Bank-Owned specialist with clientèle requesting your help with leasing space for...
Economic cycles will always come and go.  They are nearly impossible to predict and their impact is astounding, devastating and even miraculous depending upon our point of view.  Here's a few reasons our current tough market with its associated economic woes can be beneficial to a true profession...
While our compensation comes in the form of percentage brokerage fees, for the most part, permit me to repeat a very important fact. We are not in the commission business!      We are in the service business!  Oh sure, there are many who would disagree, but after 34+ years in the business of sell...
In these days of one percent interest on our brokerage held IRA or 401K accounts we stand to be clobbered by inflation at any time.  We have been using these same funds to take advantage of the soft market by scooping up Arizona Land opportunities at pennies on the dollar.  Historically, every re...
Investing in a bank-owned, short sale, foreclosure, etc. home can be an excellent opportunity but there is a lot to consider.  First, you must be lucky enough to get an honest agent/broker to work with to even have your contract considered.  Competition is raging and the investors are plentiful. ...


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