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Spring is approaching and many homeowners are considering whether to refinish hardwood floors before they put their home on the market. As the owner of My Handyman, I've learned that you really want to call in the professionals for this job. I learned my lesson the hard way by trying 2 jobs mysel...
Shaw's Supermarkets has come up with an innovative way to keep them top of mind. Many in NH are well aware that we get coupons to save $0.10, $0.20, etc off our gas at Irving, based on the size of our Shaw grocery bill. They also let you register your Shaws card, with pre-defined donation allocat...
We started 4 Walls 1 Roof more than 2 years ago, and we've participated in more than 20 events since our first home show in March of 2007. We've started a tradition of Open Houses, or you can think of them as mini Home Shows as 4 Walls member businesses all provide services and/or products relate...
I've gotten some great responses to yesterday's post about Online vs Offline networking ... and unanimously, you are talking about RELATIONSHIPS. Howevewr, Terry Driscolls's response really grabbed my attention so I had to share with everyone. "...  I remember sitting in an ethics class in High S...
  My humble apology. I meant to include a link in my earlier post, to let anyone who wanted my Home Energy Report ... to get it whether they completed the survey or not.  What's in my report on Home Energy? and before I forget the link again, click here ... Energy Consumption in the US Trends in ...
One of the most challenging tasks in starting a business is picking the name.You want something memorable, something that communicates your value to prospective customers and it shouldn't be confusing, i.e. sound like a related business. When life was simple,once you thought you had a name, then ...
Yesterday I attended an all day meeting. I tried to connect to the web but response was sluggish and I gave up. Some withdrawal at not getting to my morning reading, posting, ... What struck me was how radically my world has changed as I've moved into the online world, building my network here on...
Hi everyone, This is a rather unusual request but you're such a great bunch of people, I just have to make this simple request for help. Just 5+ minutes to complete a survey to help me finalize the name for my new business, along with prioritizing the type of content (articles versus Q&As, best b...


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