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Read Kimberly Wilson's post, Your Website Isn't Working ... and it let me to take her ideas one step further. I wrote a post about Marketing Starts with YOU! and began by introducing Active Rain as there are so many great ideas here, it's incredible. Thanks everyone PS I'm trying to build up comm...
Read a really neat article by Kari Henley, Are Facebook Friends "Real" Friends? Kari explores today's definition of friends and community, but for me, the real nugget of insight wasn't about the people in our lives, it was about us! Kari introduced psychologists Wendi Gardner and Marilynn Brewer ...
Yesterday I met with a group of educators working to create a program to introduce middle school girls to non-traditional carees like biotechnology, computer programming, etc.The really strange thing for me was how paper intensive everyone was, and talking about the type of communication we might...
With few exceptions, homes in the US use drywall for their interior walls. After reading about this drywall problem a second time, I decided it was time to alert my fellow members on Active Rain, to potential problems with drywall manufactured in China. The problems being reported by homeowners, ...
We live with a calendar that says the year begins in January but does it really? September is the beginning of the school year and often defines our social lives Spring is another beginning for many, when we wake up and crawl out of our cocoons Just this week I heard children playing outside. For...


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