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Followed a tweet and found a fascinating site, the International Property Journal ... which I wanted to share. I think this website provides a different slant on what's happening in the US, as they're looking more broadly at what's happening around the globe. Here is a link to their Property Tren...
I'm sitting here talking to my web developer about these new blog directories. I mentioned that in creating my Facebook fan pages, I used NetworkedBlogs to push my blog into a "blog tab" on the fan pages. The natural question that this brought up was ... do we end up being penalized for duplicate...
Keep trying to attend Brad's AR workshops but something always happens. Yes, I've been around a while but still consider myself a novice so I'm wondering if you can provide some advice on 2 questions: How do I fix the html mess in the right column as I've no idea when i even created it? I never r...
Last week I watched everyone sending out their holiday greetings. I kept thinking that familiar saying WIIFM (what's in in for me) applied as some greetings I appreciated but many of them seemed perfunctory. For years I've felt the holidays are personal, and getting cards from my insurance agent ...
One of my friends introduced me to this cool, 1 page directory of all my online homes and today I finally created my XeeSM profile. It takes just a few minutes, maybe a little more if you want to list a lot of stuff ... butit's easy and you might add to your signature (probably with a cool button...
The constant challenge is what frequency is enough, without being too much? To date I have stuck with a monthly handyman newsletter with reasonable success as I want to deliver value to my customers while respecting their time. I've also alternated between things like: Making all articles support...
I was inspired this morning to write an article to encourage more women to buy their home, as 20% of home buyers are single women. In reviewing the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University, report on Buying For Themselves: An Analysis of Unmarried Female Home Buyers in June 2006 ......


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