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But, the stuff of life interrupts.We're here in VA and my wife and I are at waiting for the inevitable--my mother-in-law is in a coma. Life is so unpredictable. In moments like these you really think about what is most important.We cannot predict the future--(mom "looked good" one week ago.)What ...
CNN HEADLINEStocks down at end of rocky ride --Wall Street cuts losses, but still ends lower as investors worry about the global economy. Emergency interest rate cut provides little support."Stocks tumbled at the open on worries that the United States is headed for a recession, if it isn't alread...
  FEAR: "One of the worst opens on record." ( Maria Bartoromo, CNBC 9:20 AM January 22, 2008)GREED: FLASH FROM "CNBC" TALKING HEAD--Now would be a great time to buy financials (DUUUH)================================================================LET LOGIC AND REASON PREVAIL:=====================...
Have a laugh on me... And save time, energy and money, by avoiding these these mistakes:Late last Thursday, I received a referral from a friend. She told me a that she'd referred me to a buyer who was interested in purchasing a home and gave me the particulars--budget, bedrooms, baths, etc.Friday...
 How would the top presidential candidates answer this question:Question: Mr. Candidate is the Sky Blue and what would you do abou it?Romney: Yes, the sky is blue, but we've lost some blueness, but I'm going to make it bluer, McCain: The sky is blue, yes sometimes it is, but the straight talk is ...
"And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus."New American Standard Bible (©1995) Most of us are familiar with the bible story of Adam and EveEve was tempted by Satan who found an entry into her mind--He offered her a way, she thought, to have even more ...
 Id really appreciate your candid comments about this service. what  value does it provide and what results does it produce for you?What services do you use and do you think it's worthwile? What are the pluses and minuses? Have you signed up for just parts of the service or the whole package?Is t...
Buy NOW!"Waiting", trying to time the market is difficult to do. Investors find our area to  be ideal--favorable taxes, and abundance of second home and vacation rental opportunities, and now a very good opportunity for residential rentals.Sellers are open to lease-options, owner financing and we...
It is amazing to me how political correctness has seeped into voter's brains. Now, one is no longer to take a position opposed another candidate without first checking to see if it is somehow hurtful. The voter's I've observed who are taking [art in the caucuses really scare me. When asked by Pol...
These are the first of 101 out of 217 Active listings by model, in SUN CITY Community.Sun City buyer's always want to know "which model" and you must hunt for this info on each listing--so, this will make one's search a lot easier. Key to Sun City-Hilton Head Models:Del Web Built Models: Adams, C...

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Bluffton, Hilton Head Island Real Estate