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 Weak. Whimpy. Scared. That describes who? Not the Chinese.What is the job of the Federal Reserve? Why it's job is to insure a smooth functioning banking system. I guess that now includes buying up baskets of sub-prime mortgage backed securities that no one esle wants.It was reported that the Ban...
MLS# ADDRESSLIST $VIEWBUILTSQ. FT.MODEL246273299LANDING LN$142,000 Lndsc20051052Cardinal24714539Huquenin Ln$144,900 Lndsc19971089Charleston245602353Landing Ln$144,950 Lndsc20051063Cardinal236180363LANDING LN$149,000 Lndsc20061052Cardinal245630236Argent Pl$149,900 Lndsc19991152Acadia2457208Norton ...
There are cycles. There are cycles, There are cycles. There will always be cycles--Stock market, housing market, life, health, marriage, age, nature, weather. So, why is it that we get so upset when there are downturns? Because our lives are affected, Because we can feel like we have no control. ...
With all of the news these past few days about the credit markets and the mortgage (credit) crisis, I thought it would be good to talk to an expert to see if he could come up with some ideas that would help our real estate industry (agents and brokers, specifically). And so, I sought out my frien...
 Over the last few days, I have been referring to various agencies and their roles with respect to credit. There is a wealth of information on these agencies and it's worthwhile to spend time on these web sites to get a better handle on what's happenning in the world of credit and what it can mea...
 No She's not a country singer...nor is she a lady. Ginnie Mae  is the acronym for The Government National Mortgage Association, Ginnie Mae is Fannie Mae's ssister organization. While Fannie Mae packages  loans into bulk shares for resale  to investors, Ginnie Mae buys home mortgages from banks a...
The FED consists of 7 members of the Board of Governors--there are currently only five servingThe Fed has the authority to lend money a to individuals, partnerships and corporations since 1932.This authority has never been used an it I snow being considered.With respect to Fannie Mae the Fed is c...
DDaniel Mudd, CEO fo the Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae)  is off to Asia And Eurpoe's financial centers. This trip is an annual event.  an annual trip and he is taking the opportunity because investors here are averse to investing in the credit markets here. Mudd said they aren...
Well THEY are at it again. Career politicians --"our complainers and blamers") want to grandstand again and want to now run American's corporations. And, they also want you to believe HOW BAD these criminal CEO's are!!!After all, Capitalism is BAAAAD, And Socialism is GOOOOOD. Competition is BAAA...
Real Estate 101 Realty Finance This is a series of articles for consumers about real estate finance. Those who have cash to purchase a home with out any reliance on outside financing is rare. without the ability to finance, there is no way to buy and sell real estate. I think it's most important...

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