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A dear friend was diagnosed with colon cancer. She has been given chemo. This morning I learned that they made a mistake wiht the chemo and she had to be taken to ER. She is now home. Her name is Maria. She has a son who is serving in Iraqi and Her husband and she have been conducting a weekly pr...
Here's the stupidest thing I ever heard. Republicans who refused to vote on election day--to protest--because they didn't like our candidate. Lazy and dumb is what I call that. Because of that, we are and we will pay a price and so will they. Nothing could have been easier than going out and cast...
President-Elect, messiah,  is now having his spokespeople reduce our expectations! The man with all of 143 days in the Sentate who told his supporters he could do it all--is getting a taste of reality. It's amazing what you can learn when you finally get your face into problems, up-close and pers...
Can you imagine the likes of Barney Frank (reminds me of a cartoon character) or Chris Dodd running an Automotive Manufacturer? They sure made a mess of the housing market and I wonder what they'll do if the gutless Auto execs bend to their will and beg them for money to keep their ships (or cars...
  Where you work is what you market… Most of us work as independent contractors. You are your own boss. We create the environment for our work. Some of us have teams and we are employing others in some fashion. The quote from Seth Godin’s Blog will make you think. "Think about this for a second.....
Here's the background for the investment idea: USCB started classes in 2004. The Okatie campus is just past the gates of Sun City, off U.S. 278. There isn't much night life for students (yet), but as Oaktie development progresses, this is sure to change For now there are about 600 students, half ...
Delta Airlines which suspended service to Hilton Head Island Airport in July is coming back and begins service again on March 2, 2009. It will offer service from HHI airport to Atlanta Airport Delta acquired Northwest Airlines and also a fleet of 34 seat, Saab 340 turbo props from Mesaba Airline...
  Bright Spot for Real Estate The NEWS MEDIA love bad news: high foreclosure rates, declines in property values and homes taking longer to sell, but according to Dick Berger, president-elect of the South Carolina Realtors Association the region's amenities will help to turn the real estate tide. ...
*(Definition: Amicus Briefs: Latin term meaning "friend of the court".  The name for a brief filed with the court by someone who is not a party to the case.) Supreme Court: Their job is to protect us from laws which are unconstitutional--What happens when a judge or two gets appointed who thinks ...
The Boston Marathon's The infamous Heartbreak Hill: "Heartbreak Hill is an ascent over 0.4 mile (600 m) of the Boston Marathon course, between the 20 and 21 mile marks, in the vicinity of Boston College. It is the last of four "Newton hills", which begin at the 16 mile mark. It is positioned at a...

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