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    BE THANKFUL OUR HOLIDAY ENLIGHTENMENT FROM DISNEY WORLD To those of you who read and commented on our "Should we feel guilty this Christmas?" blog from last week, we thank you for your support. We are Disney veterans, this visit marking almost 35 years from our first visit on our honeymoon in 1978. We have visited Disney World at least a dozen times over the years with our two children, family and friends but this was the first time since our initial visit in 1978 that we were there sans kids, family and friends. It was wonderful, but very, very crowded and although we had been there during most seasons and had braved the crowds of summer and various other holidays, we had never been there on Christmas Day. We had 4 day passes from the 23-26 and had already decided that we were goin...
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Localism Challenge, Day #9:  Night of Joy It's the Night of Joy weekend here in Orlando.  The following line-up information and link shows what a great event this is going to be.  The newscasts are filled with bad news, but many this weekend will spread the Good News through song.  There are any number of places where one may go to hear profanities and obscenities, hatred and disrespect- but I hope many folks will be blessed with Joy this weekend. Night of Joy is a contemporary Christian music festival that takes place September 9 and 10, 2011 at Magic Kingdom theme park. It features live performances by Contemporary Christian Music superstars in rock, pop and gospel. http://disneyworld.disney.go.com/parks/magic-kingdom/special-events/night-of-joy/ Event Highlights 2011 Headliners Frida...
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Happy 4th of July! From Walt Disney World 2010 I would like to wish all my friends, family , clients & colleagues at Century21 a wonderful and safe 4th of July! Happy 4th ActiveRain! From Wonderful Disney World!
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 Yes this has to be the (Happiest) Posts I have ever posted to Activerain right next to finding my son after 14 years.  These are my favorite girls Cherry & Nu Nu, both born in Myanmar (Burma) Southeast Asia. Nu Nu has been in America since 2002 and finally became a citizen of the United States 2 months ago.  We have been to Myanmar 2 times in 7 years to visit Cherry and Nu Nu's family and now Cherry is finally going to set foot on American soil in the next few months. And take one guess where Cherry in going to place her first foot steps?  Orlando Florida (Disney World), Nu Nu has been wanting so bad to go to (Disney world) and now she is going to go. And to top it off Nu Nu is going to be with Cherry and I, we are talking some serious Happiness going down in (Disney world).  Please t...
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Okey.... so I've done my humor bit about my trip to Disney (see it here).... but I really do have some REAL advice if you're planning a trip to the Magic Kingdom....10. Get to the parks when they open.  The lines are shorter and you can ride the popular rides a few times with short lines.9. If you stay off of the resorts.... route 192 east is better than 192 west in terms of traffic.  When the parks let out at night... 192 west gets backed up.8. Buy your souveniers for your kids before you go.  They are more expensive AT the parks than at the mall.7. If your kids like the characters (and aren't terrified by them) buy an autograph book before you go and go character hunting at the park.6. I you plan to get a fast pass for the more popular rides, be aware that they do run out.  "Soaring" ...
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