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Our goal is to provide entertaining information which agents can use and which both buyers and sellers will find useful. Sometimes we'll provide crazy stories from our years of practice.
There is a ton of competition in the real estate industry today. In our market alone, the MLS roster has 24,637 agents. Tha's today; there's undoubtedly more coming into the business tomorrow. So, how do you stand out? I've been in this business long enough to know that you can spend tens of tho...
We've found that a short video works as well as a bio for a lot of today's younger clients. You might take a look at this one (warning: full volume audio) and give me your comments: If enough people are interested, I'll post a second blog detailing the steps to take to do it yourself. Namaste! Er...
It's been a high-intensity day. We negotiated two contracts and worked until about 10PM on one of them. The other came in signed by the buyer after our seller elected to counter-offer, so it was fairly easy. If someone had disclosed how familiar I'd become to rejection and arguing before I got my...
Here's the market update for the Orlando Metro area for January 2013.     I've provided the text below, if you'd rather read it yourself. Namaste, Eric Martell   January 2013 Orlando Housing Market The January median price of $128,000 is 18.5 percent above that of January 2012 ($108,000), but act...
  If you'd rather read the update, I've placed the text version below. Namaste, Eric Martell     Let's address Sales statistics first:  *All types of Orlando home sales were up 8.9 percent in December 2012 when compared to a year ago but down almost 6 percent from the month before.  *Single-fami...
Well, the Winter Solstice is upon us as of this morning!  Strangely enough, the world did not end and everyone (even the Mayans) can now breathe a sigh of relief.  I even felt confident enough to order some postcards to be mailed out next year.  This will be the third card in a series that we're ...
Here's the market update for the Orlando Metro area for November 2012.     I've provided the text below, if you'd rather read it yourself. Namaste, Eric Martell   November 2012 Orlando Housing Market Orlando area sales were up almost 20% since 2011, but down about 6 percent since October. Single-...
So, you're going into foreclosure.  What an upsetting situation!  How can you keep your head up in public?  Well, at least the neighbors won't know until you actually leave.  Uh..., no wait.  Everybody that has any interest will know just as soon as they visit the new Zillow feature which lists a...
I've had my head down lately, just spending time working at real estate. We've been getting a lot of buyer inquiries, particularly in the lower price ranges. Many of these people have filtered to us through some of the on-line lead generating web-sites. Unfortunately, the data that is out there i...
It's not normal for us to consider the impact of our requests when we hire a professional to perform services for us. We normally assume that they know what they're doing and understand how much to bill us and that they will do so fairly. This generally holds true for people who are billing us di...

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