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Have you ever had to push a stalled car? If so, you know that it takes more energy to get it going than to keep it going. This is not just perception, it’s a law. Sir Isaac Newton said an object at rest tends to stay at rest unless acted upon by an outside force. Likewise, an object in motion ten...
Someone on this forum recently asked if it was necessary to hire a licensed professional to handle a transaction where mistakes could have severe financial penalties. That sounds like the question that most real estate agents would say “Yes! Hire a professional.” If the question had said the tran...
The most common question I am asked is, “What is your pass rate?” In Florida, schools are prohibited by law from publishing their state exam pass rates. In fact, real estate schools in Florida do not even know their state exam pass rates.If a school tells you they have a high pass rate, ask them ...
If you want to succeed in real estate, you have to spend time on lead generation. Recently, someone asked me if cold calling and door knocking where still viable methods of lead generation.  My response was that the most effective lead generation method is the one you are willing to do consistent...
I recently saw a list of 184 things that Realtors do to earn their commission. Many items on the list were items like, “Send a confirmation email for listing appointment.” Seriously! Another one was “fax copy of purchase agreement to lender.” Is that worth a five-figure commission? Or is that wor...
There is no person in the United States who has ever been sent to real estate jail because there is no such thing.  You can “accidently” forget to tell the buyer that this house has been condemned – and you won’t get sent to real estate jail.  You can swindle a million dollars from a client – and...
There are three steps to getting a Florida real estate license: Fill out an application and get your fingerprints taken Attend real estate school Pass the state exam Fill Out The ApplicationThe first two steps can be completed in any order, but I usually recommend that people submit their applica...
As a real estate instructor, I’m frequently asked whether or not someone with a criminal record can get a Florida real estate license. The person asking usually wants a definitive answer, but of course the answer is always, “It depends.” I’ll explain how the process works for applicants with a cr...

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