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RECENT BLOG POSTS From a low of 1.32 atthe start of October, the Euro hit back and fought its way to 1.42. Sterlingdid the same coming back from a low of 1.52 to 1.61. It is true that there aresome positive signs from the euro zone, i...
It’s still about Europe..   The markets opened slightly higher then the recent trading ranges this morning on the back of some slight positivity in Europe. The European leaders met on Sunday, and although no complete resolution was found, they did agree that at least 100 billion Euros would be pu...
Positive signs for Europe?   A new week saw the Euro regain a lot of ground lost, opening up 5 cents ahead of the previous weeks low, at 1.38. Investors are positive over signs that the Euro zone may indeed gather some momentum over the coming weeks. On the back of France and Belgium’s announceme...
The markets opened slightly better this morning on the back of some relatively positive news from the Euro Zone.   Hitting back from a low of 1.5414, the Pound opened at 1.5551 against the US Dollar, the Euro and CAD followed suit opening at 1.3370 and 0.9614 respectively. So why the slight impro...
Attention Realtors! We have had many calls this week from concerned clients over the falling Pound, Euro and Canadian Dollar. Many of our clients who are set to close in the comings weeks are worried that the rates will fall even further, and it is really affecting the amount of money they need t...
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The Dollar gains against the majors   It looks like to Dollar did not take the day off for the Labor Day Holiday as it gained against the Euro, Pound and Canadian Dollar last week and has pushed through most resistance levels when it opened this morning. The Pound went from a high last week of 1....

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