If you have lived in your home for a long time, your property taxes are probably very low.  When you sell your home, if you are relocating to one of the cooperating counties of California including Los Angeles, you can keep your existing property taxes, and actually move them with you! One of you must be over 55, and you must be buying a home of lesser value.    This is a dream for property owners.  You can find out more by searching for information on Propositions 60 and 90.  If you have been trying to figure out whether or nor it is a good time to sell, it definitely is a good time to call me.   Let's figure it out together.    
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By Fran Flanagan
There's no prettier time to look at houses than right now.  It's sunny, warm, and the roses everywhere are in their first glorious bloom.  There seems to be no shortage of  "lookers" streaming through Sundays Open Houses.  Several of the homes open this weekend already have accepted offers, but they are being shown for back-ups.  Stand in line.  Take a number.  A five million dollar house in the Riviera sold in less than three weeks, a three million dollar house sold in four weeks.  Read the papers and you don't get the picture.  Get out in the market, it's a whole different story. It's actually pretty rosy.  
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When the rain stopped, we were able to take our morning walk through the Riviera in Pacific Palisades  just before dawn.  In the quiet pink fresh morning, Pacific Palisades looks and smells so good.  Tomorrow evening, our local Homeowners Association Board  hosts its new residents' party to welcome new families. "Community" is important here. Who says nobody knows their neighbors here in LA??  Not here!! Take a look at  our local website: www.rivierahomeowners.com.
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