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In response to the guidelines released by the California DRE (which all of you should read), I wanted to jot down a few of the comments I've heard over the years by agents concerned about fiduciary responsibility and fraud. The issues surrounding these two topics are enough to drive investor and ...
When it comes to testimonials, this is one area where I fall short in my short sale business.  I always intend to get them, but with so many cases and so much to do, as soon as one closes I'm onto the other three or four I'm trying to get done that month!   Click here for more.
Several years ago, when I first began buying short sales, I always felt a little unsure when a homeowner facing foreclosure would ask me about bankruptcy.  Sure, I knew what bankruptcy was, and the different types, etc., But how did all that relate to the foreclosure process?  And why were so man...
Just posted some updates on the plan that the Obama Administration announced last Friday to "upgrade" efforts to provide additional help to those individuals facing foreclosure. Click here for more on this topic.
Lack of Progress in Loan Mod Programs Impacts Families Scam Artist Convicted on 160 Counts of Realty Fraud Treasury Defends Assistance Plans April 15 Brings One Small Step for Freddie, Fannie Future “If I’d Known That…!” Fibs Home Sellers Tell Buyers More Markets Head into Double Dip Are You Ask...
I know that I've been beating this drum hard…It's just that seven years ago, when I first began buying short sales every week, getting a straight answer about the "right" way, versus the "easy" way was more than confusing.  After a couple of years of getting it wrong, and having many sleepless ni...
The straight short sale transaction - the kind that most real estate agents do where they offer 90 cents on the dollar to the bank - can be difficult in itself with many twists and turns.  And these are considered easy - largely because the offers are high.  Conversely, problems can be compounded...
After the NAR’s repeated requests that guidelines be created to provide some uniformity to the short sale process, the Obama Administration has released new rules set to go into affect on April 5th.Yes...it’s another shift in the short sale landscape, but how momentous?For those with a rosier out...
Many investors have been reaching out to real estate agents to collaborate on short sales. Unfortunately, for both parties, investors have little understanding of the myriad rules and regulations that control what an agent can and cannot do. Because agents hear much about short sales and fraud, a...
When I got up this morning, it was cold, dark and I had two miles to swim down at Culver. I made the drive half-heartedly, got out on the deck, shivered and faced down 50 yards of cold water.I hesitated, like I always do, but in the end I jumped. If you’re like me, I’m can be as motivated in the ...

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