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Zoe Kaiser
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Get to Know Zoe Kaiser


          Zoe Kaiser

                               Made of all the sweet stuff


The bubbly girl who cheers you on

From the moment that I met Zoe, I was laughing and chatting up a storm. Her easy laugh and outgoing persona will indubitably win you over. She has a charming personality that will make you feel comfortable right away. Nevertheless, even with all her fun and laughs, Zoe can get down to business; she just does it with her bright smile. She knows how important it is to sell a house (Zoe is a listing specialist) and she loves what she calls the “negotiation game” or negotiating the best price for you, the seller, to sell your house. She gets a really passionate look when she says she represents you, the seller.

Her “big fat Greek” family

Zoe’s family is Greek. As the Greek stereotype dictates, Zoe is very family oriented. She has two children, a 4 year old and a 19 month old. She loves her husband and she has been married to him for 7 years. Zoe’s love of family prodded her to choose Sugarland as the place she calls home because she loves the fact that Sugarland is such a great environment for kids. Even though she loves the hustle and bustle of the city of Houston nearby, she also loves coming home to a nice and quiet, small-town-charming, atmosphere.

Zoe as a flavorful buffet

Yum, yum, yum, selling a house for the great price Zoe negotiated for you sure tastes good. Do you know what also tastes good? Zoe’s cooking! Zoe learned to cook from her parents (what is it with Zoe and her fulfilling all the great Greek stereotypes of chef, family girl, and charming?) who, although they didn’t let her cook herself, allowed her to watch every time they cooked and taught her as they went along. Zoe sees her mind as a buffet full of flavor because different colorful thoughts and recipes are crossing it all the time. She loves cooking everything, from Greek salads to chocolate cakes. Her favorite things to cook and eat are, as is fitting, desserts because of her big sweet tooth, and I suspect, her sweet self.

Zoe and her cooking are things to celebrate! As the Greeks say, OPA!