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We Set The Unsurpassed Standard of Success In Our Industry. We Are Recognized For Our Dedication, Honesty, Integrity And Service. MSI Credit Solutions is a privately held company based in Dal

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Gaurantee 50 points on the low end or their money back


Now you may not believe this but my true concern is to help others regain financial stability to not only help them today, but throughout the remainder of their lives.  I believe so many young individuals are not given the proper guidance when it comes to finances, and in turn as they become adults they go down a path that leads to financial despair.   They begin to have feelings of little or no hope at reaching their goals of acquiring the things needed most, such as a new home for their family.   This feeling is one that is too common to me, as I once was in the same situation years ago.   I want to help change the future of others so that they too can find their way to financial stability.   Whether it is to by a home to raise their family in, a new car because the one they are driving doesn't run well, or just to get a small loan to help them afford Christmas presents,  I want to take part in what helped changed their lives for the better. 

I joined the team at MSI, due to them sharing the same values and beliefs as I do in this matter.  Our joint mission is to join forces with other individuals, such as yourself, so as to make a difference in others.   All of the employees here at MSI Credit Solutions take our job very seriously so we can produce great results that benefit both our partners and clients.   It is our goal to build trusting partnerships that last a lifetime!

MSI Credit Solutions helps clients by delivering what they promise and this is how:


•·         Minimum 50 point increase or full refund, no other company offers this!  Why should they pay for lack of results?  Truth be told, the only flaw in our services, is if the client doesn't do their part.  We offer this because we always deliver!  To many people come to you, having paid for there credit repair program only to have 1 or 4 deleted and only go up 5 - 10 points or no points at all. The main reason for the guarantee is that we have to many mortgage companies and car dealerships that send us clients that need help with there credit and they will loose the client of we don't do a good job. They need some sort of assurance.

•·        We are 2 of the only companies in the United States that have a customer service team that calls your clients and reminds them to send in there paperwork, something that could hinder the progress of your clients credit repair. Through our customer service team we help them get loans and lines of credit something that will keep there scores low if they have no positive credit. We teach them how credit works, we remind them to keep there balances below u 30% of the limit on the cards so they can achieve the highest scores possible. These are just a few of the benefits of having a customer service team. There will always be someone to update your client. Unlike most companies where the salesman is selling, updating and looking for new business.

MSI has its own highly qualified in-house processing department, proven to be one of the best in the nation!  Many companies outsource the processing of the file, which is the key factor to great results!  We know the importance of having control over all areas of the clients file. 


We also have small $100 - $200 loans that we can guarantee the client, if they do not have any credit, even the worst of credit will get a guaranteed loan. Something that no other credit repair companies can do. Even if you delete negative items, without credit history, you will not have any scores, if you don't have credit.  We also help them with a $5000 line of credit from a clothing company to help them raise there scores. And we stay on your client so he makes sure to do it, constantly reminding through emails and calls how important a line of credit is.


•·        70-90% Deletion rate of removing negative items.  No other company is as aggressive and effective in this area!


•·        Program is designed to run 3-6 Months, unlike others that can last over 12 months!!  Client will start to see results immediately! 


•·        Dispute BOTH the Credit Bureaus and the Creditors, keeps the items from reappearing months later!  Most companies dispute only with the bureaus. It comes off the bureaus sure but then who re reports it? The collection agencies or the original creditors. So it comes back on. Our program has permanent deletions; they don't come back on, because we dispute the credit bureaus, the original creditors and the collection agencies, so it comes off all three. It's more cost and more work for us, but that's why our company has grown to where it is today, because of our results.  We also send certified letters that cost money. Most collection agencies say they never received any letters because were fighting a law that gives them 45 days to respond. They know that they have 45 days so they stall by saying they never received any letters. We send certified letters to track that they received it and to have proof of when the 45 days is up. That means more items deleted. When most companies just go online and dispute with the bureaus only. No letters are sent, that's why people go the inexpensive route and get what they pay for.

Client portal allows them access 24/7 to their file to know step by step what is happening on a daily basis.  This allows them to keep the company in check to ensure they are getting results!



On average it takes 3-6 months, but depending on the situation, it may take as little as 30 days.  No extensive wait for you to assist your client/s with his or her needs.


We have over 500 mortgage companies that use us, that are extremely happy with the results that they we are giving to there clients. If you would like to speak to any of them just ask and we will give you there names and numbers. Try getting 10 from any credit repair company and see what you get.



We understand that repairing a person's credit is taking a big step forward in improving their financial future. Choosing the RIGHT

company to offer credit repair services becomes a large part of the equation for great results.  With thousands of credit repair

companies out there, it can become a daunting task to find the one that will be the best for the customer.  Thus, I would like to provide

you with more information about our company to allow you to make the best choice in helping your clients in finding that company

- our company - MSI Credit Solutions.

Mission Statement:
MSI Credit Solutions is determined to make a positive difference in the lives of our clients by helping them improve their credit score,

and by providing them with the knowledge to make better financial decisions.




MSI Credit Solutions provides superior credit restoration and comprehensive consulting services that are reliable and affordable.

We embody amicable communication with our clients through each phase of the restoration and rebuilding process.  We pride

ourselves in catering to each individual's needs, while simultaneously providing personal attention that each client deserves.


Our team of experienced consultants can review your clients credit reports, assess their current situation, and provide customized

solutions to meet their needs. Through a meticulous process, MSI Credit Solutions can help restore credit by auditing BOTH the

credit bureaus AND the creditors. This process ensures that we achieve the best results for our clients to have a better financial future.


We have successfully removed the following items:Late Payments
Tax Liens
Open Collections
Paid Collections

Charge Offs
And much more....



FREE CONSULTATION with one of our national credit consultants, MSI Credit Solutions will provide you

with a customized plan of action that is tailored to meet your needs.  Keep in mind that no two credit reports are the same,

and therefore it is crucial to meticulously review your comprehensive credit report to determine the number of negative line

items, the recency of the derogatory information, the amounts of each negative item, and who the creditors are. Each one of

these factors will determine the cost of repairing the credit report.  Fortunately, the cost of working with MSI Credit Solutions

is affordable and justifiable. MSI Credit Solutions does not offer a fixed rate as it is not fair to charge an individual with 5 negative

line items, the same as somebody who has 35 negative line items. The price of the program varies, due to the fact that there are

a number of things that go into consideration when customizing a solution that meets your needs. Please keep in mind that you get what you pay for, and at MSI Credit Solutions, the client will get quality of service, reliability,

and improvement in their credit score amongst many other things they deserve. Extremely low-cost or flat-rate companies will only

dispute a limited amount of accounts and drag their feet, keeping them in the program for a long time, while simultaneously

prolonging the results and increasing the amount of monthly payments. With a customized price based on their comprehensive

credit report, you can rest assured that the work is being done in a timely manner, and their needs are being met.       Company Highlights: Registered With the Texas Secretary of StateOperate in Compliance With Federal and State LawsWe are 100% BondedFCRA Certified by The Consumer Data Industry AssociationMember of the National Association of Credit Services OrganizationNationwide Service - Se Habla EspanolOver 10 Years Industry ExperienceHigh Level of Service Customized for each Client's NeedsReliable, Affordable Credit Repair & Consulting Services


Company HighlightsRegistered With the Texas Secretary of State Operate in Compliance With Federal and State LawsWe are 100% Bonded FCRA Certified by The Consumer Data Industry Association Member of the National Association of Credit Services Organization Nationwide Service - Se Habla Espanol Over 10 Years Industry Experience High Level of Service Customized for each Client's Needs


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