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I help home buyers realize the dream of home ownership in Tucson and all over Arizona. My team coaches our home buyers on home ownership and we'll show you how you can pay off your home early too!

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As a Two Decade veteran of the mortgage industry and with the experiences of ownership from a small brokerage firm to a national mortgage wholesale company, I have developed several areas of expertise.

Keeping your Realtor's up to date throughout your transaction by utilizing my unique and fully automated TBWS Status Update System. Financing Tucson FHA Mortgage Loans and Arizona USDA Rural Development home loans, including FHA Repo Rehab Loans. Helping borrowers understand their credit Helping Real Estate Agents find new buyers and sellers through various marketing strategies. Helping Self Employed borrowers (including Real Estate Agents) obtain financing without jumping through all those hoops. Helping Builders obtain financing for their buyers when their in-house mortgage company cannot do the transaction.