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Atlanta, Georgia's #1 Short Sale Team, We are GA short sale experts.  I am a specialist in Georgia short sales and distressed properties and can assist both buyers and sellers.  I hold two certifications that will allow me to better serve you during this incredible real estate market. CDPE- Certified Distressed Property Expert- This designation means that I am an expert in helping borrowers avoid foreclosure and preserve their credit. We are Atlanta, GA Realtors that do short sales. We do this by listing your home, showin the bank that we have made every effort to sale your property and when an offer is received, we negotiate with the bank on your behalf.  CREO- which means that I am an expert in pricing and negotiating foreclosure properties for institutions. I am certified to provide Broker Price Opinions (BPO's). This helps me in the short sale process because my training helps me to price the home using the parameters the bank uses to price it's distressed properties. WE HELP PREVENT Atlanta,GA FORECLOSURES What is a short sale? A short sale is when a lending institution agrees to allow the borrower of the property to sale the real estate for less than the balance due to the bank.  Through the short sale process, borrowers have a chance to get out of a loan they can no longer afford while preserving their credit. To be approved for a short sale, the borrower must qualify. Why do a short sale?  Because when a lending institution forecloses on a property it damages credit for 7 years and bankruptcy for 10 years. Which property's qualify for a short sale? Any type of property and any price property in any geographic or socioeconomic area can be sold through a short sale? When can one pursue a short sale?  When the borrower is experiencing financial hardship or when the mortgage exceeds the value of the home. Our Atlanta, GA Short Sale Team will: -Explain all of your options -Help you avoid foreclosure -Create short sale package -Negotiate on Your Behalf -Walk You through the entire Process -Help you find your Next Home  If you are heading for mortgage trouble, don't run out of time, call today So whether you are falling behind on your mortgage or you are looking for assistance with the purchase of your first home, I can help. Call me anytime.  If you are in trouble or heading for trouble, don't wait.  Call today.  Phone: 404-429-9244            Fax: 770-200-1607  E-Mail:             



Attention all first time homebuyers, if you close on a home by December 1, 2009 you are eligible to receive an $8,000 tax credit from the federal government. 

Who qualifies as a first time homebuyer? 

Anyone who has not owned a home for 3 of the last five years.  If your spouse owned a home, you are not eligible.

Are there income restrictions for the $8000 tax credit.

Are there income restrictions regarding the $8000 tax credit?  Yes, if you make over $75,000 as an individual or if you make over $150,000 as a married couple, you may be eligible for a reduced credit.

How do first time home buyers receive the credit if they have already filed thier taxes this year?

If you have already paid your taxes, and you still want to buy a home this year, you are still eligible.  You will need to file an amended return after you close.

If the first time homebuyer $8000 tax credit expires in December, by when should I be under contract?

On average it takes 30-45 days to close on a property in Georgia once you have an accepted contract.  However, first time homebuyers typically take their time selecting the right home and area.  Therefore, to be on the safe side, we recommend  starting as soon as you know you want to buy.

What is the first step to buying my first home?

First you must be approved for a loan. There are a number of lenders that will help you with this process.  When we work together, we will be glad to provide you with a list of lenders we use often.

Second, we narrow your search criteria.  What area of town would you like to live in? Condo or House? How many bedrooms and baths?  How close to the interstate, schools, work, shopping, etc. 

Third, you are emailed a weekly list of homes that match your search criteria.  Once you see a home that's right for you, we schedule a home tour.

Fourth, when you find a home that works for you, we write an "offer" on the property. That means, we provide the seller with terms under which you would like to purchase the property. The offer will state how much you want to pay (price), the closing  and possession date, what items you would like to be included in the purchase of the home (i.e. pool equipment or pool table) and it is here that you requests the seller pay closing costs if desired.  You will also pay an earnest money deposit at the time of the offer.  This shows the seller that you are serious about purchasing the home and most sellers won't consider a purchase without earnest money.

Fifth, After the seller and you, the buyer, come to agreement on the terms of the sale, often the contract goes back and forth a time or two before this agreement is reached, you close on the property.  At the closing, title on the property is conveyed from the seller to the buyer. At closing, the closing attorney explains the loan terms that you, the buyer will be obligated to follow among many other Georgia laws.  The buyer and seller sign legal paperwork and you the first time homebuyers are then given keys to your new home!

Your fully executed closing documents including your HUD 1 Settlement statement are what you need to file for your $8,000 tax credit.

Interest rates and home prices are at an all time low in Atlanta GA and surrounding areas.  Now is a great time to be a buyer. The $8000 tax credit is an added bonus.

We love to work with first time buyers.  All questions, even the ones you think are silly, are welcomed.  Our team of Atlanta GA Realtors will help you through the home buying process every step of the way.  As an Atlanta Realtor since 1998 and a broker since 2004, I know this market and work to insure that your interests are served.