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Marco Manzato
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Get to Know Marco Manzato


Marco Manzato is a diversified systems specialist with over 15 years of experience in networking, protocols, and operating systems. He began his career in electrical engineering, later crossing to computers in 1986 in the chemical industry where he worked with VAX, DEC PDP, and IBM OS/2®. 

He then migrated to working with Windows for a company that converted Systems Network 

Architecture (SNA) to Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) networking for 

PCs to access mainframe applications. This lead to work as a systems administrator for the 

next five years, where he configured and installed networks and operating systems such as Linux, Solaris, Windows NT®. 

Currently, Marco is an Information Technology Manager for a national sports vehicle auction house 

and Director of Knight IT Consulting Co. servicing Real Estate-realted people and companies in Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton and all surrounding communities.





24/7 monitoring server for event logs, disc space usage, and network congestion


Planning a regular schedule of downtime to take down the network for preventative maintenenance.(Example: last Saturday of every month from 2am - 4am.)


Notification of maintenance


Server Maintenance:

Checking and cleaning hardware


Disk cleanup and defragmentation


Updating any antivirus protection


Review logs for error messages


Backup and install server updates 


Check network for security holes


Equipment/Hardware Maintenance and Repair:

2 hours per month for installations, repair, and maintenance of computer equipment


Only $299 per month



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