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I never did get into the wordless Wednesday and the Speechless Sundays because I have too much to say:) LOL!  Milet went to the Contemporary Resort at Disneyworld with her daughter, our granddaughter for New Years Eve celebration. They had a great local Florida resident package that included a ph...
Why does your SHORT SALE Seller care if we give him a low ball offer?  This is a very common question we get from buyers' agents and from their buyers when making offers on our short sales. They don't understand why a seller would care about what kind of offer they get on their short sale.    The...
OK, so our little guy, 8 yrs old and I are going to see our new grand child, a gorgeous baby girl who was born on October 1st and our eldest son is the father. We are going to a very cold part of Canada in Regina.  Our little guy is the only one in our family who has never seen or lived in snow. ...
  How does a 50+ year old 1000 page book ( other than the Bible)  still be on the best seller lists? How does a 50+ year old novel written in the 50's still stir so much passion in those who read the book?  How does a book have the staying power, the though provocation and the inspiration to act ...
  By yesterday every single state in the United States including Hawaii had snow except for the state of Florida.  Even in Hawaii - seven inches of snow fell on Mauna Kea, the state's highest point.  Even though the Arctic air is flowing across our state of Florida we are only getting into the up...
Ah, there is such beauty in the grace of the game of Polo- the speed at which the horse and rider glide across the field is smooth and exciting at the same time.       The International Polo Club Palm Beach is in its' eighth year here in Wellington Florida.  Of course Polo has been played here fo...
How do you know which keywords you should focus on and which keywords are going to make your phone ring with a prospective client?  The keywords you choose to use on your blog and website should be determined by who you are speaking to through your blog and website. This is called your niche mark...
  Important Reminder - Tomorrow is the SEO To The Top session #6 at 3pm Eastern Daylight Time. If you have taken our SEO To The Top Course in the last few years we have a few spaces left open for first come - first serve participants on the call.         Wednesday Jan 12 2011 at 3 p.m. Eastern Ti...
It Is Here- At Last!!! Short Sales Success Book and Short Sale training Site is coming soon!  This project has been a long time in the making but now, it is finally here! Join us for the preview call about the Short Sales Success Book and Video training site on January 19, 2011 at 12 p.m. Easter...
Family Times Bring Big Smiles! The Babies Are Growing up so FAST!  This Christmas was the first Christmas that we did not have almost the entire group of kids here for our Christmas Eve celebration yet it was still very memorable. After all, how can it not be with little ones running around all o...

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