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"These Ladies Mean Business" was an exciting time in real estate in the mid-80s, but the trenches are different in 2011, and as the business has changed, so has the way we buy and sell real estate. Dreams Realty, with our family team and cast of Realtors and agents, wants your business, and given our success in today's marketplace, I'm sure you'll want the Dreams Realty team representing your home buying and selling needs. Check us out -- we're for real!



Welcome to the often unconventional world of REO sales....  Although there's a lot of talk, bargaining, countering, and jabbering, in the end there are usually only two principal documents: the original offer, and the bank's signed addendum to the original offer that's completed only after all th...
The headline reads: "High-end Home Market Exhibits Robust Sales" - does that add fuel to the camp stove fire that's keeping your business going; does that deflate your mood; does that encourage you; does that tickle your imagination; does that inspire you?  It really depends doesn't it.Just what ...
Here's one for the books (or crooks?).Neighbor Sam wants his fence repaired by the builder because there are some cracked slats, miss-cuts, and warped pieces/slats.Fenceman/builder says, "Okay, we'll come out and fix them."Sam complains that they missed a number of damaged slats.Fenceman/builder ...
A half a year ago, I wrote about the shameful presence of prejudicein some real estate transactions.  In response to my post, I asked my husband and psychologist, Dr. John Yacenda, to comment on his read of the situation.He reminded us that it is illegal for Realtors to steer persons to one neigh...
Alex Harb, who I affectionately call the "Headmaster" of Christianity and Real Estate, has been a blessing to all of us in this business who love the Lord and our privilege to be called Christians.  One of Alex's efforts to promote the Christianity theme in our business was to begin a "Giving to ...

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